More Samsung Galaxy Watch Active specs add to the confusion
The Galaxy Watch Active specs keep coming in different rumor and leak shapes, and they don’t seem to agree on certain components.
Snapchat Spectacles, because we all loved Google Glass
The privacy debates that it brought up were damaging. In terms of Snapchat, instant communication to a selective audience really might work people over.
Polar M600 is company’s first Android Wear fitness tracker
Who knew six LEDs could accurately scan your heart rate? That’s the claim Finnish fitness tech company Polar is making, anyways, for its new M600 watch.
Patent and trademark pushes show off an eye-catching Samsung Gear Blink
GoPros? Google Glass? Talk smaller. Smart eyewear may soon come in contact lens form. If Samsung goes through making it, it will have to popularize it.
Official new Apple Watch magnetic charging dock leaks
Check out the new Apple Watch magnetic charging dock, leaked in advance of an official release.
Misfit Shine 2 debuts as a fitness wearable meeting up with the internet of things
The wearable tech category has seen some intense stratification in its infancy.…
Ditto: a wearable unlike any you’ve seen before
What’s one to do if a smartwatch is out of the question, but they still want the benefits of a wearable? Ditto to the rescue!
Gear S2
Can the Gear S2’s awesome hardware overcome its software shortcomings?
Given the popularity of the Apple Watch and Android Wear, will developers invest the time to write for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2?
apple watch bands
The 4 worst arguments against the smartwatch
“Smartwatches are stupid” is the rallying cry of the anti-wearable crowd. Here’s 4 of their arguments (and why I think they’re wrong).
Empty Nest: what I miss (and don’t) about the Apple Watch
I wore an Apple watch for two weeks, and now that it’s gone there’s a lot I miss – and also some I don’t. Join us for the latest installment of Empty Nest!
Pebble Time review: function over form
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Cogito Classic quick look: More than a watch, less than a smartwatch
Watch our quick look at the Cogito Classic, a very different type of smartwatch to what we’re currently used to seeing in the market, which is good and bad.
Win a Huawei TalkBand B2 from Huawei Device USA and Pocketnow
It’s your chance to win a wearable that also acts as a Bluetooth earpiece, with the Pocketnow and Huawei Device USA TalkBand B2 giveaway.
Moto 360
What Motorola needs to learn for the next Moto 360
It’s no secret that Motorola is working on the next iteration of the Moto 360. What needs to be improved to make this version even better than the last?
The Apple Watch is nothing new (but it’s about to change everything)
The Apple Watch will do for smart watches what the iPhone did for smartphones and the iPad did for tablets – and that’s a beat we can all dance to.
Pebble announces new Pebble Time smartwatch with color screen
Pebble’s got its first wearable with a color display, the all-new Pebble TIme.
Pebble teases new hardware for later this year, along with wildly different software
There’s new Pebble hardware in the pipeline, along with a new look for its software.
Wrist phone: a week with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch (Video)
With a 3G radio and a huge display, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch feels much like a wearable phone. Find out if the story stops there in our hands-on video!
Microsoft Band review: don’t call it a smartwatch
Microsoft’s return to wearables falls somewhere between an average smartwatch and a high-end fitness tracker. Read our Microsoft Band review to learn more.
24 hours with the Moto 360 (Video)
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5 things the Apple Watch already does better than the competition
The Apple Watch is still months away from release, but if it delivers on its promises, it’ll outshine the wearable competition in a few big ways.
3 terrible reasons I’m looking forward to the Gear S
Samsung’s newest smartwatch is capable of operating without the help of a smartphone, but should you care? Here’s 3 not-so-great reasons that I do.
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5 reasons the Samsung Gear Fit doesn’t suck as much as your nerd friends say it does
Part smartwatch, part fitness band, the Samsung Gear Fit is one of the company’s most unique offerings, but it also gets a lot of undeserved hate.
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