Google Maps speed limit

Google Maps speed trap and speed limit alerts start rolling out

Google Maps users in several regions around the world could soon start seeing speed trap and speed limit warning on their apps.

Crash and speed trap reports coming to Google Maps?

A limited number of users are seeing a Report button in Google Maps which allows people to report incidents such as crashes.

Google brings Waze Carpool pilot to San Francisco, but Uber has nothing to worry about

Google’s Waze Carpool program and the Waze Rider app for Android and iOS may seem like Uber and Lyft competitors, but they’re not quite that.

New Waze warnings can help you from getting a speeding ticket

Your smartphone may help you get where you’re going, but can it help you avoid a speeding ticket in the process? New Waze speed limit notifications debut.

Waze gives Windows Phone the boot, no updates going forward?

Learn more about the recent news regarding the Waze application for Windows Phone devices, as the Google acquisition just complicated things.

The Waze of public transportation? Interview with Moovit’s Product VP

We sat down with Yovav Meydad to learn about the ups and downs of building Moovit, an app that aims to crowdsource your morning commute.

New Waze beta opens; what features could be in the works?

See how you can help improve one of the most popular navigation apps out there by joining the new Waze beta for Android.

Windows Phone 8 joins the Waze club as new app launches

Learn how you can get started avoiding traffic jams and streamlining your commute with the release of the Windows Phone 8 Waze app.

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Google Maps gets real-time traffic updates, courtesy of Waze

See how Google is using data from Waze to provide real-time Google Maps traffic updates.
google waze

Following Google’s purchase, should I close my Waze account?

Several months ago Waze, the insanely popular GPS navigation company, was in…

Google buys Waze to bring its social data to Google Maps

Hear about what Google buying Waze means for the future of both the Waze app and Google maps.
The Future of Waze

The future of Waze may lay in the hands of Facebook or Google

In the States, yesterday was Memorial Day. It’s a day we spend…