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What to do after you get your phone wet

Here’s what to do if you accidentally get your phone wet. Whether it’s a splash, submerging, or flooding, do these things to avoid water damage.

Preliminary class action settlement includes partial refund for water-damaged Sony devices

If your old Sony phone or tablet, “deceptively” advertised as waterproof, broke down due to water damage, a 50 percent refund could soon be headed your way.

All of this year’s new iPhones will almost surely come with wireless charging and ‘waterproof’ functions

Wireless charging functionality and improved water resistance are no longer just unfounded speculation for the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus.

Google forums overrun with Pixel 2 design discussion

After the first thread filled up to capacity, the Google team opened up another one. And to be honest, it’s chock full of bezel talk.

iOS 10 can’t make your iPhone waterproof, but it will alert you of Lightning moisture

While we keep dreaming about the first ever water-resistant iPhone, iOS 10 makes a small step in the right direction with Lightning moisture alerts.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 teaser is beating us over the head with water resistance

Rumors of Galaxy S7 water resistance are looking more and more confirmed, as Samsung’s teasers continue.

Japan Display shows off new Pixel Eyes LCD, gets up hopes of waterproof iPhone 7

Japan Display announced that it’s now producing a display that can be used in water. It’s a huge Apple vendor, so that’s leading people to ruminate.

Rub a dub dub your Kyocera DIGNO Rafre with soap

Japan is a unique smartphone market in that it has some fairly…

Is it finally time for the iPhone to go waterproof? Analysts suggest iPhone 7 may deliver

The latest rumors about next year’s iPhones point to a waterproof iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with 3GB of RAM for the latter.

Cat S40 rocks Android Lollipop while taking the rolls

The folks at Caterpillar at back at it again. In addition to…

Rumor: low production yields for iPhone 7 waterproof prototypes

We’ve seen hapless Sony try and try and try again to popularize…

Enough with the half-assed “waterproof” handsets, already!

Some waterproof phones have a lot of caveats in their warraties that make them more “lab waterproof” than “real-world waterproof”. That needs to change.

When did Sony get so timid about smartphone waterproofing?

Is Sony smartphone waterproofing all it appears to be, or should you be concerned about some of the manufacturer’s warnings?

Galaxy S6 Active review: Samsung gets rugged right

After three tries, Samsung finally nails the durable smartphone. Find out whether it’s the phone for you in Pocketnow’s Galaxy S6 Active review!

Who wants a waterproof Sony phone with a Nexus-level price?

A new rumor claims that waterproof Sony mid-rangers are about to invade the company’s Android lineup.

Bring on the salt water smartphones

Give your smartphone salt water to drink, and you’re in for a costly replacement. But shouldn’t we be past this by now?

Have you ever broken a phone? (Poll)

Have you ever broken a phone? Several of us here at Pocketnow have, and some of us have not. Take part in our poll and tell us if you have, too!

Xperia Z1S: the best waterproof smartphone camera? (Video)

Sony calls the shooter on the Xperia Z1S the best waterproof smartphone camera around. Watch our video to see if the claim holds up!

Empty Nest: what I miss (and don’t) about the Galaxy S 4 Active

Sending review phones back is always a sad moment, but my most-missed phone of the 2013 beach season is easily Samsung’s waterproof Galaxy S4 Active.

CAT B15 vs. every waterproof phone we have (Video)

We put the CAT B15 up against every waterproof smartphone we’ve ever reviewed for a quick look at what it does -and doesn’t- do better than its competitors.

Waterproof phones are useless without a waterproof interface

Waterproof phones like the Galaxy S 4 Active are an excellent step forward, but until we can control them when wet, they’re not as useful as they seem.

Galaxy S 4 Active vs Galaxy S 4 (Video)

A waterproof, ruggedized version of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 is here. Find out how it does against the original in our Galaxy S 4 Active vs Galaxy S 4 video!

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Quick Review

The S 4 Active is a water-resistant version of Samsung’s 2013 halo smartphone. Find out if it’s the S4 for you: read our Galaxy S 4 Active review.
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Waterproof phones and tablets are a good thing, but please, don’t take them in the shower!

With waterproof phones and tablets starting to arrive, we’ve got to ask, if not for use in the shower, what good are they? Read on and we’ll tell you!

If you could, would you use your phone in the shower?

When Motorola announced the Atrix HD, I did everything I could to…