samsung galaxy water resistance
Samsung accused of misleading customers on Galaxy S water resistance
The Australian consumer watchdog is taking Samsung to court alleging the company is falsely advertising water resitance of its Galaxy phones.
OnePlus teases OnePlus 7 water resistance but won’t guarantee it
The OnePlus 7 will not be officially rated for water resistance but the company is still promoting the feature by submerging a phone.
Mission start — Nixon’s first Android Wear ships October 10
The Mission is customizable, yet powerful. It can be with you for a 100-meter dive and come back up just fine and ready to play your hype playlist.
Somebody decided to see if the Xperia X is waterproof
The Xperia X Performance is rated for protection against water. The Xperia X isn’t. But it seems that it can last a moment underwater… with a catch.
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Check out why the Galaxy S7 is so hard to repair, what this heat pipe actually is and why canines are not welcome in this particular galaxy.
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waterproof phones in the shower
Here’s what “water resistant” and “water proof” really mean
Water resistant and water proof mean two entirely different things. The CEO of Archos didn’t fully understand this, do you?