samsung galaxy water resistance

Samsung accused of misleading customers on Galaxy S water resistance

The Australian consumer watchdog is taking Samsung to court alleging the company is falsely advertising water resitance of its Galaxy phones.

OnePlus teases OnePlus 7 water resistance but won’t guarantee it

The OnePlus 7 will not be officially rated for water resistance but the company is still promoting the feature by submerging a phone.

Clove carries Galaxy Xcover 4 for UK at £249

It’s a durable little phone for cheap and it’s coming on at a price that’s a little more tenuous in the UK than it is in Germany.

Mission start — Nixon’s first Android Wear ships October 10

The Mission is customizable, yet powerful. It can be with you for a 100-meter dive and come back up just fine and ready to play your hype playlist.

Apple Watch Series 2 announced with water-resistance, GPS

The second series of Apple Watch has been announced. It runs watchOS…

Samsung stands by Galaxy S7 Active IP68 rating

After Consumer Reports decided not to recommend the Galaxy S7 Active for purchase after it failed two water immersion tests, Samsung responded.

AT&T GoPhone brings Kyocera Hydro SHORE to Walmart

Walmart will have a budget-friendly and water-resistant smartphone from Kyocera and AT&T starting July 16. Too much compromise or just a better burner?

Galaxy Note 7 Zauba listings out waterproofedness

An Indian import-export database has listings for a component of the Galaxy Note 7 that is “waterproof”. Good sign for those who take their work poolside.

Galaxy S7 Active fails Consumer Reports water test

Consumer Reports tested two Galaxy S7 Active devices and both of them stopped working properly after being immersed in water.

Foxconn presentation leak signals iPhone 7 Plus water-resistance

Someone at Foxconn was eager to show off the iPhone 7 Plus’s new features. So much so, they snapped a picture of a presentation slide.

Somebody decided to see if the Xperia X is waterproof

The Xperia X Performance is rated for protection against water. The Xperia X isn’t. But it seems that it can last a moment underwater… with a catch.

IP68? Mil-Spec? Rugged phone standards defined!

Mil-Spec-810G? IP68? Our phones are becoming more life-proof, but what do these terms really mean? Rugged phone standards defined!

AT&T preps a durable Wi-Fi hotspot meant for the outdoors

What if a phone just isn’t going to do it for you while you’re in the middle of the forest? AT&T’s Unite Explore Wi-Fi Hotspot may have you covered.

Another Galaxy S7 teardown reveals a non-removable battery not for puppies

Check out why the Galaxy S7 is so hard to repair, what this heat pipe actually is and why canines are not welcome in this particular galaxy.

Galaxy S7 knows when your phone’s a little damp, says, “uh-uh, no charging for you”

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 waterproofing is smart enough to refuse to let you charge the phone when its port is wet.

Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge: water resistance returns (video)

After Samsung focused on aesthetics last year, they’re bringing back water resistance and a larger battery this year for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Here’s our video hardware tour!

New Panasonic Toughpads ruggedize Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Panasonic seems to think it has the answer for enterprise in providing two versions of its Toughpad: one for Android fans, the other for WIndows lifers.

Samsung Indonesia teases a water-resistant Galaxy S7

Samsung Indonesia is preparing for the global launch of the Galaxy S7 by publishing a launch site for the device this week. Early birds get the worm.

Galaxy S6 Active review: Samsung gets rugged right

After three tries, Samsung finally nails the durable smartphone. Find out whether it’s the phone for you in Pocketnow’s Galaxy S6 Active review!

If you’re going to call a phone rugged, make it rugged

Despite Samsung’s claims of the Galaxy S5 Active’s ruggedness, there still is no truly rugged smartphone. Read why even the Active isn’t up to the task.
waterproof phones in the shower

Here’s what “water resistant” and “water proof” really mean

Water resistant and water proof mean two entirely different things. The CEO of Archos didn’t fully understand this, do you?