Can you take the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a swim? Is it waterproof?
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series includes some of the greatest smartphones available in the market, and here you can see just how good is its water resistance
samsung galaxy water resistance
Samsung accused of misleading customers on Galaxy S water resistance
The Australian consumer watchdog is taking Samsung to court alleging the company is falsely advertising water resitance of its Galaxy phones.
OnePlus teases OnePlus 7 water resistance but won’t guarantee it
The OnePlus 7 will not be officially rated for water resistance but the company is still promoting the feature by submerging a phone.
phone wet
What to do after you get your phone wet
Here’s what to do if you accidentally get your phone wet. Whether it’s a splash, submerging, or flooding, do these things to avoid water damage.
Latest OnePlus 6 teasers reveal water resistance, camera samples and Amazon India exclusivity
The fast-approaching OnePlus 6 could be the Chinese company’s first-ever phone featuring some degree of water resistance. The camera should be pretty great, too.
iPhone 8 Plus water resistance in question after shutdown of Wistron production line
Industry reports claim that counterfeit parts were used in the waterproofing of the phone, leading Apple to punish the assembler.
Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ officially leaked by Samsung?
Samsung takes to YouTube to officially promote the Galaxy S9 and S9+… many hours before it actually introduces the phones. You’ll believe what happens next…
Honor 7X, 8, 8 Pro, 9, V9 will get Android Oreo
Software updates are awaiting several Honor devices as Android Oreo and EMUI 8.0 are finally ready — they just need to be tailored.
Honor V10 specs reportedly include headphone jack, slightly smaller battery
What’s not found on one brand’s phone is found on the others. Some leaked firmware shows a few divides between Huawei and its sub-brand Honor.
JerryRigEverything takes on LG V30 in durability tests
The overall verdict is a positive one, but that wouldn’t account for everything the scratch, burn and bend tests encompass.
Dual cameras, water resistance, Alexa, moderate price tag for Moto X4
Well, as mid-range as can be for a €400. It has all the specs it needs to best a predecessor from 2015. Is it priced right, though?
Preliminary class action settlement includes partial refund for water-damaged Sony devices
If your old Sony phone or tablet, “deceptively” advertised as waterproof, broke down due to water damage, a 50 percent refund could soon be headed your way.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro leaked, looks like fitness band series remains alive
It’s understandable why Samsung wouldn’t call this a Gear Fit 3, but for swimmers, Spotify bingers and an unfamiliar crowd, this could make an impression.
All of this year’s new iPhones will almost surely come with wireless charging and ‘waterproof’ functions
Wireless charging functionality and improved water resistance are no longer just unfounded speculation for the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus.
Brazil may get Moto X4 launch on June 21
There’s also speculation that the rest of the world may get a new Moto device before the end of the month. But other details make it all sketchy.
Another evleaks scoop on Galaxy S8+ specs
There will be few specs that will scale between the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, but the amount of specificity we see here is kinda annoying.
Waterproofing for the Google Pixel 2 “on the table”
Google supposedly has plenty on its plate in order to fix up flaws and improve on its first impressions made with its first Pixel phone.
LG G6 water resistance rumored to not be like Samsung’s
Instead of using expensive waterproofing tape that’s easy to engineer around, LG may use adhesives instead. It apparently did so with a variant of the V20.
And now, an HP Elite x3 water test video…
The Windows 10 Mobile phone is aimed at enterprise users who may end up taking their work everywhere they go, so it IS worth a test or two…
Google Pixel water resistance tested for an hour
One whole hour. But only in a small bowl of water. Still, the Google Pixel showed incredible endurance when other phones break apart in liquids.
Google “ran out of time” in making Pixel waterproof
Developmental lead time for the Google Pixel was cut down and engineers were scrambling to make a brand new phone with a brand new philosophy.