LG apparently confirming new Wear OS watch for June

A new Wear OS smartwatch from LG now has a due date. It also has a price range. We do not know, however, what sort of connectivity it will have.

Android Oreo on Android Wear 2.0: the device list

A few of the big Android 8.0 features are coming to the smartwatch platform on just about a few dozen devices. Some devices have already received it.

LG Watch Style costs $100 after $150 markdown at B&H through Cyber Monday

Priced at $250 back in the day, the Android Wear 2.0-powered LG Watch Style fetches a measly $99.99 for a limited time at B&H Photo Video.

Google Store wipes Android Wear watches clean out of the site

The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style are still technically on the Google Store page, but they are no longer available to purchase from there.

eBay seller has LG Watch Style at $107.99 for a limited time

We reported on the same eBay seller having a “limited time” deal on the Watch Style… the discount has gotten even deeper.

‘Limited quantity’ LG Watch Style available on eBay for just $140 instead of $250

Android Wear 2.0 fans can’t do better than a $140 LG Watch Style right now if they’re willing to make do without GPS, NFC or LTE support.

Unlocked US LG G6 drops to $550 at B&H on its own, $600 with LG Watch Style bundled in

It’s getting increasingly hard to resist a slim-bezeled LG G6 phone priced at $550 unlocked, or $600 with a matching LG Watch Style.

Verizon reportedly cancels LTE-capable LG Watch Sport, but why?

Verizon seems to have randomly halted sales of its LTE-supporting LG Watch Sport, also cancelling shipments of devices previously pre-ordered.

Still in the market for an unlocked LG G6? B&H throws in Watch Style at $650 grand total

Haven’t taken advantage of any sweet LG G6 deals thus far? Order the unlocked phone now from B&H, and get a complimentary Watch Style.

Now that’s more like it: LG Watch Style costs $180 in trio of colors after massive discount

The Android Wear 2.0-powered LG Watch Style still doesn’t support GPS, NFC or LTE by itself, but it’s probably become cheap enough to not matter anymore.

Android Wear 2.0 is finally here, heading for supported watches in the ‘coming weeks’

With Google Assistant for your wrist, a massively improved Google Fit app and its own Play Store, Android Wear 2.0 vows to make a splash.

Android Wear 2.0-based LG Watch Sport and Watch Style are now official, launching February 10

The surprise was ruined, but it’s nice to have the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style’s features finally confirmed, alongside pricing and a commercial ETA.

Super-high-res LG Watch Sport renders (ev) leaked hours ahead of announcement

Behold, the Android Wear 2.0-powered LG Watch Sport in full, sharp glory, as we wait for Google’s official announcements later today.

LG Watch Sport and Style user manuals help the pre-release puzzle pieces fall into place

It’s one thing to have LG Watch Sport and Style features rumored by even the best tipsters, but it’s way better to see them detailed in official manuals.

LG G6 sales in US may begin April 7, new LG Watches debut February 8

In addition to Google moving up its Android Wear 2.0 event (supposedly featuring LG wares), LG seems to be dragging on the dirt trail.

LG Watch Style retail box crops up early, LG Watch Sport benchmark as well

A credible LG Watch Style retail box leak confirms the cheaper wearable’s design, while a Watch Sport benchmark sheds some light on its high-end internals.

LG Watch Sport tipped to cost steep but fair $349 with Android Pay and LTE in tow

Would you pay 350 bucks for a current-gen Android Wear device? Probably not, but the 2.0 LG Watch Sport sounds different, powerful and versatile.

Clearer pictures, possible prices for LG Watch Style

Google is said to be kickstarting Android Wear 2.0 with two LG-made smartwatches. One of them is a petite, stylish and cheaper option.

Low-res LG Watch Sport and Watch Style pictures reveal some Urbane roots

We’re watching LG and Google in a couple of weeks as the two are expected to lead the charge on Android Wear 2.0. These pictures whet the palette.

We’ll see LG at MWC 2017 on February 26

We believe at least two smartwatches are on the show schedule along with one flagship smartphone release that’s been teased to be “ideal”.

LG Watch Sport, Watch Style to be Google’s Android Wear 2.0 “Nexuses”

According a trusted source, the LG Watch Sport will be the leading product of the two and will feature cellular radios, GPS and a heart rate sensor.