watchOS 3, iOS 10 released, but take your time with it

It’s September 13 and that means Apple has released iOS 10 out to the public. We suggest you sit it out and wait for the servers to clear out.

iOS 10 and Apple Watch BETA wrap up, and Net Neutrality Defended | Pocketnow Weekly 205

iOS 10 and Apple Watch BETA wrap up, we talk Net Neutrality’s defense in the courts, and what’s new in Bluetooth 5? Pocketnow Weekly Podcast episode 205!

Next Apple Watch could go independent with its own cellular radio

With a faster processor, will a cell-connected Apple Watch soon debut for the smartwatch’s first major upgrade?

If we don’t expect more from our smartwatches now, we never will

If we don’t imagine these things now perhaps we never will and the smartwatch will fall away. Let us know of your smartwatch checklist!

Apple Watch owner successfully sues over cracked screen

A surprising Apple Watch lawsuit in Great Britain has held Apple accountable for Ion X glass that failed to protect against a cracked screen.

Apple iOS 9 is here, but watchOS 2 hits a snag

An unexpected bug has led to a watchOS 2 delay, pushing back the release of Apple’s latest smartwatch software.

Apple makes it easier to give the Apple Watch an in-store try-on

Rumors of changes to the rules for Apple Watch try-ons suggest that Apple Stores will be able to show the wearable to more shoppers than ever before.

Apple Watch sales estimates take a hit

Just how far have Apple Watch sales slipped since the smartwatch’s initial retail debut?

Wearable device growth expected, driven mostly by the Apple Watch, claims report

A global wearable device growth of about 125 to 150 percent is expected this year, thanks mostly to the Apple Watch, claims a report. Read more!

Apple Watch OS update seems to have crippled the heart rate sensor

Learn more about some of the recent issues that Apple Watch owners are facing, as it seems that software updates just crippled the device

Alternate Apple Watch bands tipped to hit retail next week

A leak suggests that alternate Apple Watch bands are on their way out to Apple retail stores.

Apple Watch font may also be the new standard for iOS and OS X

The days of Helvetica Neue may be numbered, with rumors that the Apple Watch font could be coming to iOS and OS X, too.

Apple releases first Watch OS update with performance tweaks

Find out all the new changes present in today’s Apple Watch update, with Watch OS 1.0.1 heading out now.