Get Apple Watch Series 3 instead of 4 and Save more than $100
Instead of getting the latest and greatest, you should consider getting the Apple Watch Series 3 and save at least $100 doing so.
Meizu Mix is a fitness tracker within an analog watch
It is, indeed, a mix between a smarter device and a more traditional timepiece. Meizu’s going to the Chinese crowdfunding market for the Mix.
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The 4 worst arguments against the smartwatch
“Smartwatches are stupid” is the rallying cry of the anti-wearable crowd. Here’s 4 of their arguments (and why I think they’re wrong).
Pebble Time unboxing & hardware tour (Video)
It’s been over two years since the debut of the first Pebble smartwatch. Join us for our first look at the next generation, the Pebble Time!
Huawei Watch price rumored again, this time more affordable
The Huawei Watch price is getting rumored again, and, this time, it becomes more realistic than the $1,000 reports we heard a while back. Check out the details!
Apple Watch review: a pleasant, if pricey, surprise
Apple’s first smartwatch is a doozy. Read Pocketnow’s Apple Watch review to see why we think it’s the best iPhone companion there is.
The Apple Watch problems should come as no surprise to anyone
Apple’s new smartwatch is a marvel of engineering, but it’s also a first-gen product. As such, it’s far from perfect.
Apple Watch unboxing & initial set-up (Video)
Learn what it’s like to take home the fastest-selling smartwatch ever. Join us for Pocketnow’s Apple Watch unboxing!
ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch review: petite simplicity – at a price (Video)
It’s a mini Moto 360 that works with your iPhone – but do good endurance and innovative design make it a win? Find out in our Alcatel Onetouch Watch review!
Apple Store opens for Watch, MacBook orders
The Apple Store has just come back online as Apple Watch pre-orders open for the first time alongside purchases of the new 12-inch Retina MacBook.
Alcatel Onetouch Watch pre-orders are now open for just $150
The Alcatel Onetouch Watch pre-orders are now getting started, with a killer price just announced for the cross-platform smartwatch we drooled over at CES
Smartwatches sorely need cross-device app standards
Without a standard, cross-platform smartwatch apps may be doomed before wearables get off the ground.
It will be a while until a company gets the Smartwatch formula right
Your wristwatch is undergoing a dramatic transformation as the battle for your wrist begins to heat up.
Wristwatch, Redefined: Life on a Pebble Smart Watch (Video)
For the past week, I’ve lived the life of a Pebble smart watch user. How does that differ from the daily drudgery of a dumbwatch owner? Watch our video to find out.
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Why Haven’t You Bought a Smart Watch Yet?
So, why haven’t you bought a smart watch yet? To be honest, it’s probably because they have all, how can I put this… “failed to live up to expectations”. Let’s hope Pebble gets it right!