Asus, HTC and Microsoft were warned by the FTC last month for illegal warranty stipulations

The Federal Trade Commission made it easy to learn Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai were accused of illegal warranty practices, and slightly more difficult to add Asus, HTC and Microsoft to that list.

AppleCare+ coverage priced at whopping $199 for $999 iPhone X, $149 for 8 Plus and 7 Plus

As if the iPhone X wasn’t expensive enough, those in need of official AppleCare+ extended warranty services will need to cough up an extra $199.
LG G6 review

LG G6 Second Year Promise extends standard US warranty to 24 months free of charge

As if the LG G6 wasn’t attractive enough for US Android power users, the “FullVision” phone now comes with a two-year endurance “promise.”