LG pushes V40 ThinQ pre-order launch early

It was probably not the best idea to launch those pre-orders the same day as when the iPhone XR comes online… oh good, LG changed tracks.

Apple repairing MacBook “Butterfly” keyboards for free

MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards featuring the Butterfly switch design are well-known for failure after even a speck of dust slips in below the crevice…
LG G7 ThinQ

Second Year Promise campaign continues with LG G7 ThinQ warranty

It’s not just the length of coverage that’s relatively generous, but it’s also the terms of replacement — no deductibles and no premiums.

Asus, HTC and Microsoft were warned by the FTC last month for illegal warranty stipulations

The Federal Trade Commission made it easy to learn Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai were accused of illegal warranty practices, and slightly more difficult to add Asus, HTC and Microsoft to that list.

Apple Watch Series 2 devices with ‘expanded’ batteries will get free repairs for up to 3 years

If your 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 refuses to power on due to battery swelling, you no longer need a valid warranty to get the issue fixed up to three years after your original purchase.

FTC asks six ‘major’ mobile, gaming and auto companies to revise their warranty policies

It’s against the law to void an automobile, gaming system or mobile phone’s warranty for use of third-party components or “unauthorized” repairs, which Nintendo, Sony, Hyundai and three other “major” companies seem to be ignoring.
Pixel users

Google finally extends Preferred Care warranty for Pixel 2 devices

Even though accidental damage coverage is always peace of mind worth having, having more of it when everyone else had their limited warranty extended is sure fun.

Samsung joins forces with uBreakiFix for same-day US repairs of select Galaxy phones

If you own a relatively new high-end Samsung smartphone in need of a quick repair, more than 300 uBreakiFix locations across the US are now certified for same-day official support.

Nexus 6P bootloop class action suit reboots this spring

The case stands against Huawei and Google: the companies weren’t responsive to warranty claims on hardware issues affecting the premium Nexus smartphone of 2015.

Apple slaps HomePod with predictably high $279 out-of-warranty repair price

If you haven’t extended your limited HomePod warranty with $39 AppleCare+ service, you may want to, as uncovered repairs will be quite expensive.

No class action settlement for LG bootloop litigation after all, extended warranty available instead

It appears not all US-based owners of LG G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X phones plagued by the bootloop defect will be compensated for their sorrow after all.

HomePod AppleCare+ plan will cost $39

For a $349 smart speaker, the extended warranty would be a good investment for the purchase, if its price is confirmed at the end of the week.
Nexus 5X camera

Project Fi device protection stops replacing Nexus 5X, many losing out

Google’s MVNO isn’t able to service or replace damaged Nexus 5X units anymore. For those on its Device Protection plan, it’s break or be done with it.

Google stretches Pixel 2 warranty to two years standard

Though if you paid the $100+ to get Preferred Care, you may want to get a refund. Some may want to keep it because deductibles are better.

iPhone X AppleCare+ is $199, screen repairs without it are $279

And if you break something else on the iPhone X and need that fixed, be prepared to empty your wallet and weep. Consider your options wisely.

Google plays down Pixel 2 XL burn-in issue, also promising software updates and extended warranty

In Google’s official view, early Pixel 2 XL OLED burn-in is a non-issue, while folks looking for more saturated colors can expect a software update.

Verizon opens enrollment for Total Mobile Protection with $29 screen repairs

Yep, a $29 deductible for screen repairs. That’s down from $49. And there’s post-warranty coverage for any phone bought within the last two years.

No, the Pixel Buds aren’t just wireless earbuds with some plastic cable connecting them

The Pixel Buds are not going to come apart and still work. Put a pair of scissors to that cable and you’re done for in the warranty department.

LG V30 warranty extension confirmed, Verizon release set for October 5

We now know exactly when to expect the LG V30 to start selling through Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. And yes, you’ll get a two-year warranty as standard.

AT&T releases video early, reveals LG V30 warranty extension

The video has been pulled as sales of the V30 have yet to officially start in the US. But hey, there’s good incentive to wait and buy the phone.

AppleCare+ coverage priced at whopping $199 for $999 iPhone X, $149 for 8 Plus and 7 Plus

As if the iPhone X wasn’t expensive enough, those in need of official AppleCare+ extended warranty services will need to cough up an extra $199.

iPhone warranty eligibility guidelines leaked

Apple’s warranty eligibility rules cover the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. The leaked guideline is only just a guideline, though.

Preliminary class action settlement includes partial refund for water-damaged Sony devices

If your old Sony phone or tablet, “deceptively” advertised as waterproof, broke down due to water damage, a 50 percent refund could soon be headed your way.

Original Apple Watch warranty support stretches to three years

But it covers one specific issue regarding the back of the device coming off. You might need to inquire upper management about a free repair.

TCL applies more adhesive to new BlackBerry KEYone units

As screens started dangling off their cables with even a light drop or bend, people started complaining. And that complaining has come to a solution.