AOSP tells of what HTC’s Pixel 2 XL “Muskie” could’ve been
LG makes the Pixel 2 XL that we know of today. But HTC, which made the Pixel 2, was also working on a Pixel 2 XL as well. What could’ve been, right?
What Snapdragon 836? Pixel 2 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Leaks and rumors have pinned the Pixel 2 (and, to a lesser extent, the Pixel XL 2) to feature a Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm is said to have no 836 plans.
HTC-made Walleye hooked in Google Pixel 2 photos
The leaked photos don’t tell us much that we want to know, but it does validate the earlier render guesses. We also get more spec affirmation.
Walleye and Taimen will be 5-inch and 6-inch Pixel 2 devices
There’s some more corroboration around the rumors that LG will provide OLED displays for the larger so-called Pixel XL 2 model.
Wait, is LG, not HTC, making this year’s Google ‘Taimen’, aka Pixel XL2?
Google’s “walleye” and “taimen”, aka Pixel 2 and Pixel XL2, are likely around the corner, but we still don’t know for sure what OEM is making them.
Did Taimen eat Muskie? Google Pixel 2 XL may just be bigger than big
The big news is that Google may not end up launching three phones in 2017 after all. But for the two phones that were to be bread and butter anyway…
Pixel Launcher previewed at Google I/O with search bar at the bottom
Engineers are not willing to say when the redesign will go live and on what devices, but it does place an emphasis on easy access to Google search.
Google ‘taimen’, aka Pixel 2 XXL, gets benchmarked with Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM
While the benchmark information is hardly surprising or even very interesting, it’s nice to see evidence of Google ‘taimen’, aka Pixel 2 XXL, testing.
Market firm believes Google Pixel 3 will be made by LG, company denies
While the company isn’t going to be wading into rumors, a Taiwan-based bank believes that LG would be a better stablemate than HTC for Google.
Google devs physically testing Walleye Pixel 2
The supposed smallest of the next Pixels is getting around the offices at the Googleplex, apparently. It’s a good sign that Google is avoiding failures.
Google Pixel 2 devices noted with Snapdragon 835 changes on AOSP gerrit
Walleye, Muskie and Taimen are supposed the names of the next-generation Google Pixel phones that will be getting the Snapdragon 835.
Go fish, Google: Pixel sequels being called “walleye,” “muskie,” “taimen”
All three fish-based codenames have been in circulation around the rumor circuits for a while, but at least the first two have been publicly spotted.