Second Google+ API vulnerability admitted, network shutdown sped up

The Google+ meltdown is speeding up with another discovery of an API vulnerability that let third parties access users’ personal information.

Google+ will shut down after WSJ revealed private data exposure

The data breach allowed app developers to collect data from not only consenting users, but those who shared private data with those users.

iPhone and Android vulnerability found affecting Bluetooth

An iPhone and Android vulnerability has been discovered, one that is related to Bluetooth. A hacker could hijack all data transmitted via Bluetooth.

iBoot source code for iOS 9 shows up online in ‘biggest leak in history’

It didn’t take Apple long to convince GitHub to take down leaked source code for a core iOS 9 component, but according to security experts, the damage may have been done.

Meltdown and Spectre security bugs put all ‘modern’ computers at risk, but partial fixes are out

Regardless of your operating system, web browser or “modern” computer of choice, including smartphones, Meltdown and Spectre security threats are real and really scary.

OnePlus left EngineerMode APK in end user OxygenOS builds, easily rootable

It’s a Qualcomm app and it’s not really supposed to be on user-side software. Well, it is on user-side software with OxygenOS.

BLU phones still send all of your data to Chinese servers [UPDATE]

It is worse since November. The process is hidden better and can encompass everything about your phone from your location to what apps you install.

Samsung accused of neglecting consumer security over dropped domain

The domain is said to control master features of a piece of software that could not only suggest, but load apps onto millions of Android phones.

LG patching vulnerabilities exclusive to its phones

The issues are considered quite pressing and are being addressed in an early-release software patch before Android has issued its monthly bulletin.

Qualcomm opens up bug bounties — up to $15,000 per vulnerability

Qualcomm is looking for more hands with white gloves to pick up on vulnerabilities on its Snapdragon processors and LTE modems.

iOS vulnerability causes iPhones to repeatedly call 911 after retrieving malicious link

The police department in Surprise, Arizona took in more than 100 calls in just a few minutes from iPhones repeatedly dialing 911. All from a Twitter link.

Associated Press, Gannett, Vice sue FBI for San Bernardino iPhone hack details

Who created it? What intentions do they have in mind? Was it a proper use of government funds? It’s one of the iPhone 5c encryption issues that won’t die.

A government agency using private-market spyware hastened the release of iOS 9.3.5

NSO makes spyware for governments to use on its targets. The only reason we found out about them and the iOS security vulnerabilities? A would-be victim.

Linux TCP vulnerability still in Android Nougat

1.4 billion Android users are at risk from an internet protocol hole that lets hackers get into a simple connection and inject an attack into it.

Google’s take on Quadrooter doesn’t change the fact that the last fix is weeks away

Three security vulnerabilities on nearly a billion Android devices have been patched. Long ago. But one security is still open and will be for too long.

Samsung Pay in Mexico? Nope, just a security threat

Authentication tokens are the digital keys that make sure you are who you say you are and you’re performing the action you want. Samsung screwed them up.

Qualcomm Quadrooter bug affecting 900 million Android phones to be patched next month

Quadrooter is one name for four security holes found in Qualcomm chips. Those chips are on nearly a billion Android devices. And everyone’s fixing it.

Apple’s iMessage encryption is ‘weak’, but at least one critical flaw will get iOS 9.3 patch

iMessage encryption was found to be susceptible to the right cyber-attacks by a team of researchers, with Apple’s security features in general questioned.
Android Google Chrome Exploit

Android Google Chrome exploit: what to do about it

There’s an Android Google Chrome Exploit out there, here’s what you need to know about it.

Android media-indexing bug opens door for DoS attacks

Learn about the newly revealed Android MKV bug, and the impact it stands to have on a whole lot of modern devices.

The case against automatic updates on Android

We all hate bugs and we love new features, but are forced, automatic updates the right way to deliver them?