Sony bundles PlayStation Camera with PlayStation VR for $399, $449 also buys you two controllers

The PlayStation Camera previously sold by Sony separate from the PlayStation VR is essentially free of charge now as a response to Rift and Vive discounts.

Asus joins ranks of companies allegedly working on standalone VR headsets

The mysterious Asus “AIO VR” should purportedly launch sometime this year as one of the world’s first standalone immersive HMDs.

Oculus acquires Danish startup The Eye Tribe to improve VR headset eye-tracking

Future generations of the Oculus Rift VR headset may come with greatly enhanced eye-tracking capabilities, courtesy of Danish startup The Eye Tribe.

That Daydream-separate Google VR headset is reportedly ‘advancing’ quite rapidly

A standalone, all-in-one Google VR headset with no Daydream connection could be right around the corner, and details are starting to surface.