Report: Apple and Valve team up for AR headsets in 2H20

According to a recent report, Apple is allegedly planning on unveiling gaming AR headsets in the second half of next year, in collaboration with Valve.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 may come with more than one ToF sensor

A recent report from Korea makes us believe that we could get more Time of Flight sensors in the next Samsung Galaxy S11 devices
iPhone 11 Pro price in India

Pocketnow Daily: iPhone Sales Getting BETTER in Early 2020?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about sales predictions for future iPhones, the price of the new Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T Pro renders and more

USB-C in consideration with 2019 iPhones, iOS 13 will get dark mode

Also, rumors of a third camera coming to the iPhone are echoed here, with the push on 3D depth-sensing as a gateway to an Apple VR headset.
HTC revenue

HTC opts to evolve U12+ into 2019, but will it be a “U13?”

HTC has announced that it will be staying in the premium arena in addition to pushing further in the mid-range smartphone category.
HTC U12 Life

HTC not quitting the smartphone business

HTC not only debunked the speculation of quitting the smartphone market but also talked about its plans for future devices.

Wireless HTC Vive Focus VR headset launches in United States for $599

Nearly a year after it took away all the wires for its first tetherless virtual reality headset in China, HTC is bringing the Vive Focus worldwide.
htc u11

HTC stabilizes earnings for October, but still at low

It’s not exactly clear what buoyed revenues for the month where not much sway was generated by anything the company did. It’s good news, though.

Oculus Quest is a $399 all-in-one VR kit

Wireless, phoneless virtual reality has made progress with Oculus. Quest will launch next spring with more than 50 titles.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges expands with Dark Side and Kylo Ren Lightsaber

A new Dark Side Expansion pack takes the story further in this augmented reality game and there’s a new Lightsaber to own for this expansion.

Acer Swift 7 will be lightest notebook, but Swift 5 currently is

The Taiwanese tech company’s IFA press conference brought in a mad dash of laptops from Windows to Chrome OS and a mixed reality headset.

Galaxy Note 9 will need a new Gear VR headset

Galaxy Note 9 owners who want to use their Gear VR with it will need to get an adapter to fit the phone into the headset.

When you can play Oculus Rift apps from the HTC Viveport

Oculus Rift app developers can soon make their games or tools available on the HTC Vieport and gain revenue through its subscription-based system.

Samsung and NASA’s “A Moon for All Mankind” VR exhibit debuts in New York

The exhibit will let users go on a simulated moonwalk and experience it all in virtual reality. It will be at the Samsung 837 retail outlet in New York.

Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

HTC is firing another 1,500 employees to ‘more effectively’ manage resources

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in a desperate search of profitability, HTC will soon cut 1,500 manufacturing jobs in Taiwan.

Pre-orders open for unlocked LG V35 ThinQ at $899.99

The V35 ThinQ is coming unlocked at the price everyone else has to pay. Will it be accepted at all the major networks in the United States as promised?

Standalone Oculus Go VR headset is now widely available across Europe and Canada

Before HTC can expand the Vive Focus from China, Facebook has officially released the Oculus Go VR device in the US, Canada and many European countries.

Samsung’s Gear VR name is reportedly dead, long live the upcoming Galaxy VR headset

This fall’s Galaxy Note 9 or next spring’s Galaxy S10 could launch alongside a hot new Samsung virtual reality headset rebranded as the Galaxy VR.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 comes with a larger screen, swim-proof design, same killer price

It took Xiaomi a full two years to improve on the crazy affordable Mi Band 2, but believe it or not, the Mi Band 3 is just as cheap, as well as larger and suited for long, deep swims.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 is the world’s ‘first dedicated XR platform’ for ‘mainstream’ use

XR stands for “Extended Reality”, which basically lumps VR and AR together, with Qualcomm aiming to power the next wave of “mainstream”, high-quality, affordable XR headsets.

Samsung showcases 4K VR display with 1,200 ppi

Display manufacturers were bragging about their high-density virtual reality-purposed displays last week, but there’s hope for Samsung’s solution to be fast-tracked into commercialization.

Google and LG bring the future of VR closer by co-developing 18MP OLED display

Google and LG have a common goal, working together on a crazy sharp VR OLED display with a record-breaking 1443 ppi count and 120 x 96 field of view.

Google is the latest tech giant reportedly interested in betting big on AR

AR technology may well be the next big thing, as Google joins the likes of Apple and Samsung in reportedly working on a truly immersive, standalone headset.

Blass: Website links HTC Vive phone with the name “Genesis”

No, HTC is not aping a Japanese video company and releasing a 32-bit console-phone hybrid. At least we hope not. But renowned leaks journo Evan Blass has some evidence against that idea.