After Facebook’s shifty data collection, Apple disables its internal apps
iPhone-using employees at Facebook are left without important productivity apps while product testing on iOS has ground to a halt.
Facebook circumvented Apple to continue Onavo data collection project
“Project Atlas” has been caught out and Facebook is being punished by Apple for violation of its app distribution rules — not seemingly a privacy battle.
Project Fi will route all users’ internet traffic through VPN
Google’s carrier is testing out putting VPN on all connections, be it through Wi-Fi or cellular. This should enhance privacy.
How to use a VPN
How to use a VPN
We talk about what a VPN is, how it works, how to use it, and what the benefits of having one on your smartphone are for privacy.
Android Encryption
Security & Privacy: How to Physically Secure Your Phone
A phone that’s physically secure not only offers you an extra layer of protection in terms of privacy and security but also keeps you out of trouble.
Security & Privacy: A VPN Can Help Keep Your Activities Private
While a VPN is by no means a “cure-all” or “magic bullet” in our quest for privacy, getting the right one to suit your circumstances can go a long way to helping.
Opera expands free and unlimited VPN services to iPhones and iPads
Opera aims to show it’s got more aces up its sleeve than just a little-used web browser, with a free VPN client now available for iPhones and iPads.
Google VPN evidence shows up in new Android 5.1 release
It looks like Google’s working on its own Google VPN to help protect Android users from the threats of public WiFi snooping.
blackphone 2
10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure
It’s the first Android-powered smartphone built from the ground-up with the goal of keeping your data private. Here are 10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure.
In your face, NSA: meet the secure Blackphone
Do you value your privacy? What would a totally secure smartphone look like? Will the Blackphone thwart the NSA’s spying? Let’s take a look!