blackphone 2
10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure
It’s the first Android-powered smartphone built from the ground-up with the goal of keeping your data private. Here are 10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure.
Wi-Fi calling should come standard on all smartphones
Wi-Fi calling is a helpful feature that is seriously underrated and under-utilized. Read why it should be a standard feature on all smartphones.
wifi fallback
Voice and text should (optionally) fall-back to WiFi networks whenever possible
Cellular telephony isn’t perfect & users can find themselves falling into coverage holes. Read on to see if the solution could be a WiFi fallback strategy.
Scared of data-only
Carriers are scared of data-only plans
If you want unlimited data you’ll have to get unlimited voice & texting too. Since we can talk & text over data, why are carriers scared of data-only plans?