HTC revenue
HTC opts to evolve U12+ into 2019, but will it be a “U13?”
HTC has announced that it will be staying in the premium arena in addition to pushing further in the mid-range smartphone category.
When you can play Oculus Rift apps from the HTC Viveport
Oculus Rift app developers can soon make their games or tools available on the HTC Vieport and gain revenue through its subscription-based system.
HTC Viveport Subscription cost going up 29 percent on March 22
Up to 375 titles are available on this expanding library of apps and games, but HTC hopes it can justify a price hike with a few more sweeteners.
Facebook Spaces app spreads to HTC Vive
The app is not on the Viveport platform, so it’s really Facebook’s way of extracting something from a potential expansion of its VR user base.
HTC Vive app developers will keep all revenues this holiday season
The fall months will see more VR developers making more money than they have been in the two years they’ve had the HTC Vive to work with.
HTC Vive deal, Viveport subscriptions coming on Vive Day, April 5
It’s what the company calls Vive Day, the first anniversary of when the HTC Vive virtual reality headset came online. And it’s been a ride.
HTC launches Viveport as its VR apps hub
The main drag for consumers toward the HTC Vive as a VR headset is gaming. Just gaming. But with competitors taking on the market at-large, this was needed.