VIVE Sync update allows participants without VR headset to attend virtual meetings
The update also adds new casual outfits for virtual avatars and a network speed check tool, reduces loading time, and also brings desktop login support.
HTC revenue drops 52.64% compared to last year
HTC revenue is continuing to drop year-on-year, despite an optimistic spike in March, due mostly to sales of its new VR devices.
HTC revenue
HTC opts to evolve U12+ into 2019, but will it be a “U13?”
HTC has announced that it will be staying in the premium arena in addition to pushing further in the mid-range smartphone category.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 is the world’s ‘first dedicated XR platform’ for ‘mainstream’ use
XR stands for “Extended Reality”, which basically lumps VR and AR together, with Qualcomm aiming to power the next wave of “mainstream”, high-quality, affordable XR headsets.
HTC Viveport Subscription cost going up 29 percent on March 22
Up to 375 titles are available on this expanding library of apps and games, but HTC hopes it can justify a price hike with a few more sweeteners.
Standalone HTC Vive Focus VR headset gets a price tag and pre-order start date in China
That highly anticipated all-in-one HTC Vive Focus VR headset is still slated to launch exclusively in China before long, at a starting price of $605 or so.
HTC Vive Tracker bundles cost $149.99, let you play VR tennis and shoot VR ducks
A Vive Tracker alone costs $99.99, so for $50 more, you’re getting accessories on an accessory and games, too. There’s also a body strap involved here.
HTC U11 Lifestyle 14
Victory proclaimed as HTC U11 sales surpass two predecessors
Believe it or not, it has taken only weeks for the HTC U11 to beat out the total number of sales for the HTC 10 and One M9 each.
HTC Vive production should be bread and butter by 2020
HTC 10? We’ll forget about it sooner or later. What the Taiwanese company expects to be its main business in four year is all virtual reality. For reals.
IKEA? LEGOs? Nope, it’s what’s in the HTC Vive box
Would you be surprised to find out that there aren’t any magical unicorns in there? HTC has teased a 20-piece set of what will be VR furniture.
HTC Vive “Direct Mode” allows for GPU to drive images to both monitor and headset
The mode allows for the computer’s GPU to render images for both the headset and a monitor. It can even save on energy.
HTC Vive manual gives us an early preview at getting set up with VR
Take an early look at the HTC Vive manual and see just what you’re in store for in getting your living room set up to accommodate the forthcoming VR headset.