Samsung just bought a text-to-speech company to presumably help with its Bixby smart speaker

Samsung’s latest acquisition likely targets the progress of its Bixby assistant and an AI-powered smart speaker, which need all the help they can get.

Samsung digital assistant Bixby is based off of S Voice, has AI features

Bixby is supposed to head into the Galaxy S8 in April, but with S Voice being a critical failure, we have to wonder how much there is to the “base”.

Samsung did not trademark Hello, it trademarked “Samsung Hello”

You will not be sued for saying “hello” to anyone anytime soon. But you might face some trouble if you choose to use the odd greeting of “Samsung Hello.”

What might “Bixby Vision” have to do with the Samsung Galaxy S8?

First, “Bixby,” now, “Bixby Vision.” The names are suspected to be the branding for Samsung’s digital assistant for the Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Bixby assistant could even perform visual searches

Just when you thought the Galaxy S8 couldn’t get more exciting, we catch wind of another game-changing new Bixby feature in the works

Samsung Pay Mini and Bixby are now all but confirmed

The long-in-the-works Samsung Pay Mini platform for online payments might be launching very soon, possibly alongside that oft-rumored Bixby voice assistant.

Optional S Pen possibly heading for Samsung Galaxy S8, system-wide Bixby integration also likely

Don’t rule out optional S Pen functionality for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 just yet, not to mention deep Bixby assistant integration.

Google Assistant integration might halt Samsung’s VIV plans

If you want to see the Google Assistant on other smartphones, it seems that the company has a few restrictions set out for OEMs like Samsung

Samsung’s Viv on the Galaxy S8 could have characters called Bixby and Kestra

Bixby and Kestra may help guide Galaxy S8 users on how to pull information and do tasks just by using their artificially intelligent voices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 could scrap home button, pick up a side AI key instead, and debut in April

You may have to wait a little longer than you’d like for a radically redesigned Samsung Galaxy S8, no home key included, with an AI button instead.

Samsung voice assistant based on Viv will launch with Galaxy S8

Viv, an artificial intelligence firm founded by one of Siri’s creators, was acquired by Samsung this year and is being put to full use for next year.

Samsung could go with iPhone 7 Plus strategy for Galaxy S8

You can get a 4K display and two rear cameras on your next Galaxy S8, but you’re going to have to pay dearly for it, just as with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung acquires Viv, the ‘next-gen AI platform’ hailing from Siri’s creators

Samsung seems to be finally acknowledging it needs external help to rival Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa, with Viv Labs coming to the rescue.