Honor announces Vision smart TV running on Huawei HarmonyOS

Huawei sub-brand Honor has announced the Vision and Vision Pro smart TVs, the first devices to run on the Huawei HarmonyOS.

Google Lens is coming to Google Assistant and Photos to take image recognition to the next level

Google Lens can “understand what you see”, turning your smartphone camera and digital assistant into something truly revolutionary.

The all-in-one Gear VR? Alcatel Vision runs on Exynos 7420

No, this is not the Samsung Odyssey headset that’s been rumored for a short while. But Samsung does have something to do with the all-in-one Alcatel Vision.

Alcatel Vision might be the powerful all-in-one VR headset we’ve all been waiting for

Out of nowhere, the Alcatel Vision breaks cover at IFA 2016 as one of the world’s very few VR gadgets not needing a smartphone or PC to function.