ZTE Blade 10, Blade 10 Prime and Blade A7 Prime announced
ZTE and Visible are announcing two new additions to the Blade line-up, with the Blade 10 Prime and Blade A7 Prime being exclusive to Visible.
Trade in any Android phone and Verizon’s Visible is sending you a ZTE
If you have an old or beaten up Android smartphone that powers up, Visible is sending you a ZTE-made Visible R2 in return.
Visible review: Freelancers can live on this $40 Verizon service
Verizons new sub-carrier service promises unlimited data with limited speeds. Will that limit what you can do for $40 per month? Not necessarily.
Visible giving customers $100 to switch or up to $200 off a new phone
In fact, new or existing customers to Verizon’s newest budget carrier effort are eligible to get the credits if they bring or buy a phone and get it on.
ZTE makes it back to a carrier with the $99 Visible R2
ZTE has had a long and rough patch dealing with an imports ban, but it has notched its first US carrier partnership since with the R2.
Visible goes live with device sales, including Galaxy S9
The Verizon-backed carrier is now selling phones to its young and adaptive customers and is bringing Android users along for the wild ride.
Verizon’s Visible launching Android beta this month
The millennial-targeting carrier is planning on spreading its $40 per month service from iPhones to Android devices this month.
Visible is offering a $50 Amazon card if you sign your iPhone up for service
Verizon’s testing a new take on cell service which cuts down on resources to deliver affordable connectivity. Why not make it more affordable for Christmas?
Verizon-backed Visible is launching an “InVisible” pop-up concert venue
It’s a collaboration space between The Fader, Hypebeast and SoundCloud with live music, art and merch. All behind a fake phone repair shop.
Verizon surreptitiously launches Visible, a prepaid carrier
It’s in early access and requires a code to join in for $40 per month service. There’s unlimited data, but with some asterisks.