T-Mobile promises 3-year price freeze if it can merge with Sprint

The company basically pledges all the plans that are available right now on Sprint, T-Mobile or their subsidiaries will still exist for 3 years.

Boost Mobile founder wants to take it back from Sprint and T-Mobile

He sees the merger as a crisis and an opportunity to protect the prepaid wireless market from data price gouging and reduction of choice.

LG G7 ThinQ, Xiaomi IPO, Sprint and T-Mobile (again, again) | #PNWeekly 303

This week, we’re talking about a new flagship phone from LG, Xiaomi’s bright future, and the uphill for Sprint and T-Mobile.

Low income earners watching Sprint/T-Mobile merger with concern

MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile would come under the T-Mobile ownership umbrella and would have a combined 54 percent of the prepaid market.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS destroy the competition in J.D. Power satisfaction ratings

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for both T-Mobile and flagship prepaid sub-brand MetroPCS, according to the latest J.D. Power research.

Sprint tells investors about dearth of iPhone X deals, higher plan prices soon

There’s no merger with T-Mobile to come, so Sprint has to pull up its bootstraps and raise prices to get more A-game out of its network.

Boost and Virgin Mobile join iPhone X US availability party sans pricing details

Up for pre-order from Apple and major US carriers, the highly anticipated iPhone X is also coming soon to minor operators Virgin and Boost Mobile.

Virgin Mobile offers extra $100 off iPhone 7, 6s, goes overboard for iPhone 6, SE

T-Mobile also has a big deal on the discontinued 256GB version of the iPhone 7, but if you’re running hard on the iPhone for cheap, Virgin’s got a thing.

Virgin Mobile getting iPhone 8 sales going September 29

The Sprint-run, iPhone-only prepaid carrier is getting a late start on the iPhone 8 beat unlike the big guns, but it did beat Cricket and MetroPCS.

Bring your own iPhone to Virgin Mobile to redeem a year of service for $1

Unlimited data, talk and SMS for just $1 and you don’t have to buy a new iPhone: just port over your number and iPhone 5s or newer phone.

Holding the OnePlus 5 high on your TechAltar? | #PNWeekly 258

We talk with the man behind TechAltar, Marton Barcza, about the OnePlus 5 hype train that he feels should’ve been derailed a long time ago on our show!

Virgin Mobile is now all about iPhones, and its unlimited service costs $1 for a full year

Virgin Mobile has nothing but iPhones on sale starting today, which you can activate on an unlimited plan that’s basically free for the first year.

Wireless industry veteran is out as Tidal CEO

Jeff Toig is the hi-fi streaming service’s third chief in two years and has been involved in Virgin Mobile, Cricket Wireless and SoundCloud.

EE, Virgin Mobile take up modified iPhone 6

That old Apple A8 is still there, but you’ll just get 32GB of storage now. At the UK carrier, it starts with plans at £35.49 a month.

Can’t do Unlimited Freedom? Sprint 2GB plan is $40 per month per line

T-Mobile ONE wraps in a feature called KickBack that customers have to opt for. Even with that, using less than 2GB costs $60 a month.

Boost and Virgin Mobile iPhone SE discounts start at 48 percent, go up from there

All the memory options are $240 off. If the iPhone SE is not your taste, the two and MetroPCS have varying discounts on other iPhones.

Prepaid Galaxy S8 gets around for MetroPCS, Boost, Virgin

All of them are offering subsidies of some sort for the devices, though you might want to consider Boost’s and Virgin’s offer more carefully.

Virgin, Boost Mobile pass along ZTE Prestige 2 for $79.99

The little budget phone makes no case for itself other than it being a follow-on to a fairly popular budget phone. Actually, that is ZTE’s case.

Best Buy and Sprint join Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-order party: all the numbers and dates

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders are officially underway nationwide, and here are all the pricing and availability details from Best Buy and Sprint.

LG Stylo 3 targets productivity-focused Boost and Virgin Mobile subscribers at just $180

If you like pen-wielding phablets, but don’t want to spend a fortune on one, Sprint’s LG Stylo 3 is now available from Boost and Virgin Mobile.

Cricket Wireless boosts data allotment on select plans, free phones also on offer for switchers

AT&T subsidiary Cricket Wireless challenges prepaid rival MetroPCS with more value, more data, as well as many free phones for switchers to choose from.

Sprint kicks off Virgin Mobile ‘relaunch’ with five free months of service for LG X Power buyers

Sprint’s wireless business-disrupting “relaunch” of prepaid operator Virgin Mobile starts with a sweet but experimental and limited Best Buy deal.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge finally lands on Sprint and Best Buy with low-end specs

Sprint is the exclusive US carrier of the low-end, low-cost Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, with prepaid subsidiaries Virgin and Boost also in on the fun.

Sprint to experiment with Virgin Mobile as “disruptor” in prepaid

Spring was busy shoring up its own company and another prepaid brand, Boost, to relaunch Virgin Mobile last year. But it says it will in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge tipped for Sprint, Boost and Virgin release on January 6

Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile will reportedly all carry the low-end Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge starting January 6 at unspecified prices.