Conflict! Qualcomm, AT&T, Google and Amazon | #PNWeekly 282 (Audio)

Qualcomm debuts the Snapdragon 845 chipset, the courts open up for AT&T and Trump’s Justice Department and YouTube’s hating on Amazon on our show.

Co-founder of Vine starts tweeting about a new Vine

Dom Hofmann, one of Vine’s three co-founders, is spending his own money to make a new version of the video sharing service.

Vine Camera will remain as a six-second clip creator for Twitter purposes

You can still make six-second clips with the app, you’ll just have to start sending them off to Twitter instead of Vine in January.

Surface Studio, New MacBook Pro, and Google’s Pixel Packs Power | #PNWeekly 224

A big week for computers! Both Microsoft and Apple announced refreshed hardware for more powerful portables and we got a first look at the Surface Studio.

Twitter shutting down Vine, lays off 300 employees

The two announcements, which aren’t necessarily tied together nor mutually exclusive, continue the narrative of a struggle to profitability for Twitter.

Vine now on Apple Watch with update

We’ve seen YouTube get crammed into our wrists with tiny keyboards for…

Vine for iOS picks up video import tools

Get familiar with all the new features hitting iOS for Vine today, including the long-overdue support for Vine video imports.

Pocketnow Weekly 070: smartphones through the eyes of the blind

Smartphone accessibility doesn’t generally get a lot of press. We look to change that with today’s Weekly, featuring’s Aaron Linson!

Vine finally launches for Windows Phone

Hear the story on the belated arrival of the Windows Phone Vine port.

Vine and Instagram on Windows Phone are bigger than you think

Vine and Instagram on Windows Phone bring more than just photo and video sharing – they bring validation to a struggling platform.

Mixbit is a Vine alternative created by the founders of YouTube

We’ve seen twitter take a stab at video sharing through their Vine…

Why I may start using Instagram again

Taylor left Instagram in December, but is now considering returning to Instagram. Read on to find out why!

Statistics show video-enabled Instagram slaughtering Vine

Read about the extent to which Instagram appear to be winning the social video fight, with these new Vine usage stats.

Vine for Android update introduces front-facer support

Discover the new features waiting for you in this evening’s Vine for Android update.

Will Instagram do for social video what Vine never could?

You know, when Twitter launched Vine a couple of months ago, I…

Instagram does its best Vine impersonation, adds video support

Discover what new features await in the new Instagram video update, and how the service compares to Vine.

Vine shoots past Instagram on Android charts

Hear about the great start Vine for Android has had in its first week on the platform.