Spike Video Chat is a great new free option for group video conferencing
Some of the other video conferencing options out there have been a security/privacy nightmare. Spike Video Chat is a new one with some very welcome advantages and improved simplicity.
Facebook Messenger Kids lets children chat with pre-approved contacts in total safety
Facebook has a new children-friendly instant messaging app available as a preview on US iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, aptly named Messenger Kids.
Skype gains convenient Send Money functionality for PayPal transfers on Android and iOS
PayPal just made it easier for IM and video chat addicts to exchange money on mobile devices with direct Skype Android and iOS app integration.
Facebook’s rumored hardware plans take a new turn with credible ‘video chat device’ speculation
Forget modular phones and trend-following smart speakers. Facebook may want to carve out a new niche for a dedicated video chat product of some sort.
Microsoft is reformatting Skype and is clearing away older apps
How is Skype being shaped? Why, like Snapchat, of course! Stickers, shortform video loops and a whole lot more is coming your way on the big platforms.
Google lead on Allo and Duo discusses why SMS won’t get integrated
And by roadmap, there IS no public roadmap. Just reassurances that features will be coming along and that visions are in place for Hangouts.
WhatsApp video calling support is rolling out to a billion+ users in the ‘coming days’
At long last, WhatsApp is officially following the suit of sister app Facebook Messenger with simple and convenient video calling features.
Hands-on with Duo, Google’s new video chat app (Video)
Will Duo successfully be the Hangouts that consumers have wanted or is FaceTime still going to be the way to go for most people?
Google Duo video calling app for Android and iOS begins global rollout
Three long months after its I/O introduction, Google Duo finally rolls out to Android and iOS users in search for a simple and smooth video calling app.