Google Duo
Google officially introduces Duo group calling for up to eight people
As previously suggested by reports, Google has now officially introduced Duo group calling where up to eight people can have a video call at the same time.
Google Duo
Google Duo group video calling live in certain regions
According to recent reports, the Google Duo group video calling feature is starting to roll out in some regions, Indonesia being one of them.
Google Duo now on at least 1 billion Android devices
It replaced Hangouts as a default Android app on many devices be they phones or tablets, so it makes sense that it’s spread fast.
Duo integrated as a video call feature in Google call and messaging apps
Google’s Phone, Contacts and Android Messages apps will link video calls to the Duo app on Pixel, Nexus and Android One phones.
Alexa Calling & Messaging coming soon to some Echo devices
For those of you who don’t have an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show, you can make and take messages and calls through the Alexa app, too.
Google Duo voice calls spreads globally
Secure, encrypted video calls only? No more. Duo gives users around the world the option to drop the moving pictures from the situation.
As promised, Google Duo gets voice calls while Allo gets file sharing
As Google starts distributing a bevy of improvements to its services in Brazil, Duo and Allo users worldwide are looking forward to some good news.
WhatsApp video calling support is rolling out to a billion+ users in the ‘coming days’
At long last, WhatsApp is officially following the suit of sister app Facebook Messenger with simple and convenient video calling features.
Hangouts out, Duo in for Google apps pre-load package
What once merged SMS and digital chat streams has faded into something different. Duo may take over for what consumers want in communication.
Hands-on with Duo, Google’s new video chat app (Video)
Will Duo successfully be the Hangouts that consumers have wanted or is FaceTime still going to be the way to go for most people?
Google Duo video calling app for Android and iOS begins global rollout
Three long months after its I/O introduction, Google Duo finally rolls out to Android and iOS users in search for a simple and smooth video calling app.
Google Duo five years too late?
I sincerely hope that Google can finally deliver an answer to FaceTime with Google Duo. Even better than that, I hope they deliver on a truly ubiquitous answer to FaceTime.
Google’s Allo and Duo will join Hangouts and Messenger
Google’s new messaging services will join two existing ones. Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Messenger all have plenty of medium duplications.
Google Duo and Allo: The death of Google Voice?
Google’s new messaging and video calling services require your actual phone number. Is this the death of Google Voice?
Microsoft Research demos next-gen video calls: life-size user projection
Take a look at Microsoft Research’s Room2Room, a preview at what’s possible in the world of life-size video calls.
Facebook Messenger now supports video calling in certain countries
Learn more about the new Facebook Messenger video calling feature that allow users to interact with others in a way similar to FaceTime.