After bankruptcy, Vertu is back… again
There’s an event scheduled on short notice and it is themed on the phrase “LIVE or DIE.” Given that Vertu, the company, was liquidated… they said it.
Taco ‘Bout NothingButTech88 | #PNWeekly 261
Jacklyn Dallas is our guest for this week’s show as we dish out some fried chicken, gem-encrusted phones and blackberries of a mobile sort.
Latest Vertu Constellation ‘luxury performance’ smartphone actually has pretty solid specs
In addition to a super-snazzy design, the 2017 edition of the luxury Vertu Constellation smartphone brings pretty great internals to the table.
Finally, a luxury, crazy expensive Vertu Signature Touch with specs to match
The new Vertu Signature Touch model is hands down the company’s highest-specced luxury smartphone to date, retaining the iconic opulent services and design.
Shouldn’t $10,000 Buy a Better Smartphone Than the Vertu Ti?
Hear about the underwhelming hardware inside the new luxury Android.