After bankruptcy, Vertu is back… again

There’s an event scheduled on short notice and it is themed on the phrase “LIVE or DIE.” Given that Vertu, the company, was liquidated… they said it.

Vertu inventory under the gavel through 7pm BST

The luxury phone producer is liquidating its assets to pay back a mountain of debt. Much has been lost, but it could all be your gain if you’d like.

Taco ‘Bout NothingButTech88 | #PNWeekly 261

Jacklyn Dallas is our guest for this week’s show as we dish out some fried chicken, gem-encrusted phones and blackberries of a mobile sort.

Vertu closes for business, immediately liquidates and cuts 200 jobs

The luxury phone maker put leather, alligator skin, gold and jewels to its phones to sell to a richer-than-average crowd.

TCL enters into $40 million co-manufacturing agreement with luxury phone maker Vertu

The OEM behind many BlackBerry and Alcatel products of late has agreed to bring its “innovative technology” to Vertu’s luxury smartphones.

Another little known company buys luxury phone maker Vertu, this time for a reported $61 million

Founded by Nokia back in 1998, sold to EQT in 2012, then Godin Holdings a couple of years ago, Vertu is now property of Baferton Ltd.

Latest Vertu Constellation ‘luxury performance’ smartphone actually has pretty solid specs

In addition to a super-snazzy design, the 2017 edition of the luxury Vertu Constellation smartphone brings pretty great internals to the table.

Luxury Vertu Aster Chevron smartphones run Android 5.1, cost $4,200 apiece

If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 6s were expensive, take a look at the Lollipop-powered Vertu Aster Chevron collection.

Mystery Chinese firm acquires luxury phone maker Vertu, another secure OS in the works

Swedish-owned luxury device manufacturer Vertu will soon move under new Chinese management, which may have its sights set on an encrypted Android-based OS.

Finally, a luxury, crazy expensive Vertu Signature Touch with specs to match

The new Vertu Signature Touch model is hands down the company’s highest-specced luxury smartphone to date, retaining the iconic opulent services and design.

Apple experimented with sapphire iPhone screens, rejected them

Read what one CEO has revealed about Apple’s plans for a sapphire iPhone screen.

Vertu’s $10,000 Android Could Have Been a Windows Phone 8 Model

Find out why Vertu may have shied away from the idea of a luxury Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 031

From modding a Galaxy S III to jailbreaking an iPhone 5, from interviews with Sailfish-maker Jolla to speculation about the HTC M7, we talk about it on today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Give us a listen!

Shouldn’t $10,000 Buy a Better Smartphone Than the Vertu Ti?

Hear about the underwhelming hardware inside the new luxury Android.

Windows Phone 8 Pictured Running On a Vertu Phone With 64GB Storage?

Vertu was Nokia’s luxury handset division — before it got sold — but that doesn’t stop the Windows Phone 8 operating system, allegedly pictured above, to identify this handset as a Vertu phone.