Verizon could give you free Apple Music in some Unlimited plans

You could soon receive free Apple Music in your iOS or Android device if you are a client of Verizon’s Unlimited data plans

Here’s how to get free Apple Music for 6 months from Verizon

You can now get six months of free Apple Music if you are a Verizon Unlimited customer and here are the steps to get your offer

Apple and Verizon will give you 6 free months of Apple Music

Great times and great music for free thanks to Apple Music and Verizon and the Verizon Unlimited service for their customers

Verizon video streaming can be uncapped for $10 per month

4K quality streams, but not for free anymore. Limits have been coming down on video streaming on Verizon’s unlimited data plans.

Customers roaming with Verizon are getting kicked off October 17

Rural Verizon customers are about to drop off the network like flies as Big Red is moving away from roaming partners with costs skyrocketing.

Verizon’s new Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans are complicated and full of restrictions

$75 can get you a Verizon Go Unlimited line with a boatload of limits and restrictions, while the $85 Beyond Unlimited plan is better but not great.

Verizon admits to “optimizing” amid accusations of Netflix throttling

It’s not just Netflix: YouTube and Verizon’s own go90 service is being affected. Is there a net neutrality issue here? It comes down to technicalities.

T-Mobile ONE Plus price reportedly going up to $80 per month

Fees and taxes are still included in the rate, but it’s up $5 from where it just was. The new rate is expected to take hold from July 6.

T-Mobile ONE hotspot allotment promo soon to be over

That fine print is starting to kick in, so if you recently signed up to T-Mobile ONE and haven’t redeemed your benies, you’ll have to do so soon.

Unlimited data war at these price levels “probably not” sustainable admits Sprint CFO

Tarek Rabbiati said at an investors’ conference are looking for capital. Likely, these promos are a base-building move to support 5G projects.

Thank goodness unlimited plans are alive again | #PNWeekly 240

Unlimited data is suddenly the hot new thing on the block again. We talk about the players in the game, plus Huawei, LG and the iPhone 8 on our show!

Everyone in the pool: AT&T unlimited plan slinks into view

No longer will you have to sign up for expensive satellite TV service to get unlimited wireless internet: AT&T is reacting to its competitors this week.

T-Mobile ONE changes in response to Verizon Unlimited plan

T-Mobile One’s base plan gets an upgrade and that tails Verizon’s debut of its unlimited plan. And it’s still only $70 per month.

Newly launched Verizon Unlimited plan comes with free phones for switchers/traders

Those willing to switch carriers and sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan, as well as trade in a functional phone, can get a free new flagship model.

The return of the Verizon Unlimited plan comes after “you asked”

It won’t throttle streaming, but it will add on unlimited hotspot tethering and include free data to use in Canada and Mexico. It’s a slightly pricier get.