Verizon adds ultra-low-cost plan to prepaid lineup, also offers small unlimited discount

Verizon’s prepaid plans get just a little better today, starting at $30 a month with 500MB high-speed data and setting you back as much as $75 if you need unlimited service.

Verizon makes it cheaper for families with up to five members to get prepaid service

Verizon’s recently beefed-up prepaid plans are now also cheaper with family accounts. That includes unlimited discounts for lines 2 through 5.

Verizon-locked Moto E4 goes $30 off to irresistible $40 on Amazon for limited time

Normally priced at $130 unlocked, Lenovo’s entry-level Moto E4 can be yours for as little as $40 if you don’t mind obligatory Verizon service.

Verizon picks up Moto E4 Plus on prepaid, Asus ZenPad Z8s starting at $150

Verizon has both a new low-cost Android phone and tablet up for grabs, with the Moto E4 Plus priced at $140, and the Asus ZenPad Z8s at $150 and up.

Prepaid Moto E4 goes on sale at Verizon for $70, unlocked variant coming soon to a slew of US retailers

Prepaid Verizon service may not usually be high on many wishlists, but when you can get a solid phone like the Moto E4 for $70, it’s worth a shot.