LG G7 ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ Android Pie update coming in Q1 2019
Official document reveals LG G7 ThinQ Android Pie update schedule. Sadly, it doesn’t mention anything about the OS update for other phones.
LG V40
LG V40 update focuses on improving camera performance
A “Day 1” LG V40 update will be available to owners as soon as they unbox their new device. It brings a lot of camera improvements.
LG V40 camera leak explains how the five shooters will work
This LG V40 camera leak explains what type of cameras the company will use, and what those five shooters will offer.
triple-camera LG V40
What we know about the LG V40 ThinQ
We have round up all of the rumors thus far given on the LG V40 ThinQ. All the big numbers you need to know about its five cameras are here!
LG Watch W7 is long-rumored Watch Timepiece that will debut with V40
The watch has been in the rumor mill for most of the year and could actually become part of the payload come October 3 with the launch of the V40.
LG V40
LG V40 triple-camera and other features teased by manufacturer
LG is officially teasing the upcoming V40 ThinQ, set to debut on October 3. We’ve already seen leaks but this one confirms a lot.
LG camera
LG survey reveals smartphone camera expectations ahead of V40 launch
A recent LG camera-related survey reveals not only consumer behaviour and new usage trends, but also level of satisfaction with smartphone cameras.
triple-camera LG V40
Triple-camera LG V40 ThinkQ coming October 3
LG has not only confirmed the launch date of the triple-camera LG V40, but is also hinting what those cameras will stand for.
The new LG V40 is coming in October and we already know what to expect
The new LG V40 already gives us all of its most important specs and a possible time space when we can expect to see it arrive
More angles of LG V40 appear and there’s talk about size
More computer-aided designs of the LG V40 have appeared in different perspectives and there are also a few numbers regarding its hugeness.
You have to see these LG V40 renders that reveal five cameras
Recent renders of the upcoming LG V40 seem to reveal everything about the company’s upcoming fall flagship. Check them out!
Excessive Galaxy S10 vs. excessive LG V40 | #PNWeekly 311
Three phones with up to three cameras versus one phone with five cameras? Also, is Apple flittering off like a butterfly on its MacBook keyboard?