First LG G7 ThinQ units in South Korea getting Android Pie
LG has also apparently set out its Android Pie update schedule for more devices in its portfolio. Some will have longer to wait than others.
Project Fi refreshes savings for Pixel 2 XL, LG G7, V35
Customers with the Google carrier can get either a $250 service credit or a straight-up $300 savings with the purchase of a new phone.
It’s official and nearly unobtainable — LG V35 Signature edition
It has zirconium in it, so you know it’s pretty darn luxurious. There’s also a pair of active noise-cancelling headphones inside. So… how much?
LG explains why AT&T passed G7 ThinQ, network denies reasons
It’s the display. The LCD that is never going to be as colorful as an OLED unit and that had a notch at top. The G7 ThinQ is much unlike the V35 ThinQ.
LG G7 ThinQ
The reasoning behind LG G7 ThinQ’s LCD against OLED
The company is keeping OLED display technology with its more niche-aligned ‘V’ series releases as opposed to what’s intended to be a mass appeal G7 ThinQ.
LG V35 ThinQ said to be successor in the media-obsessed ‘V’ series
There’s new intel on what will come after LG’s late spring smartphone and, for the most part, it will just be a smartening of the last V-series phone.