LG Q8+, perhaps a smaller V30, certified by Korean government

Well, it could be a small V30, just like how the Q8 was very much like the V34 in that it was a smaller V20. But what are all these model numbers signaling?

Mini LG V20, V34, gets to Italy as LG Q8

The LG V34 in Japan has made its way over to Italy as the Q8 with just a little bit more water resistance and little else.

The Unnecessary LG phones and the Essential Phone | #PNWeekly 255

Two are said to come on the wings of the G6, one is told of olden days. That and we chat with SlashGear’s Chris Davies on Essential Products this show!

LG G6 Pro, G6 Plus may go global within the month

And believe it or not, the G6 Pro is actually the weaker of the two and costs less than the Plus. But why does LG feel the need for these devices?

LG G6 water resistance rumored to not be like Samsung’s

Instead of using expensive waterproofing tape that’s easy to engineer around, LG may use adhesives instead. It apparently did so with a variant of the V20.

What could LG V20 S trademark in Europe mean?

Perhaps Europe will finally see the V20 sold in the continent, but in what form? Surely that “S” has to mean that something’s different from the normal V20.

Let’s chat Nintendo Switch and LeReactions to LeEco Le Pro 3 | #PNWeekly 223

Nintendo showed off the Switch. LeEco showed off the Le Pro 3, and the FCC showed off some fines for T-Mobile. #PNWeekly podcast 223!

Fancy a water-resistant 5.2-inch LG V20? Move to Japan, and get the V34 on AU

Screen size is a matter of preference, but water resistance isn’t, so the LG V34 in Japan looks objectively better than the international LG V20.