LG V30S ThinQ 128GB is 35% off today at B&H

What truly speaks in the LG V30S’ favor, at least today, and lasting for 24 hours, is the 35% discount B&H offers, which is $330 off. Check it out!

AT&T’s LG V35 ThinQ pre-orders start June 1 at a whopping $900

Almost identical to the V30 and V30S ThinQ in terms of design, and similar to the G7 ThinQ when it comes to specs, the LG V35 ThinQ is pricier than all its siblings and cousins.

B&H ramps discount on LG V30S ThinQ to $679.99

The LG V30S ThinQ has spent very little time at its original price point of $929.99, if any time at all. Now, its exclusive US seller, B&H Photo, is taking things down another notch.

Rumored LG V35 ThinQ specs look familiar and unsurprising, AT&T debut tipped for August

The LG V35 ThinQ could be right around the corner, despite the recent launches of the V30S ThinQ and G7 ThinQ. And no, the spec sheet doesn’t look very special.
LG G6 review

LG G6 ThinQ rebranding takes hold in Canada

LG is truly intent on letting its customers know just how much it is obsessed with artificial intelligence on its smartphones, new and old.

B&H-exclusive LG V30S ThinQ is in stock and shipping now at $730

The G7 ThinQ is just a couple of weeks away from its US commercial debut, so this feels like the perfect time for B&H Photo Video to start shipping the older LG V30S ThinQ.
LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ finally gets an official domestic price tag ahead of May 18 launch

The AI-infused LG G7 ThinQ is slightly more affordable in Korea than the G6 a year ago, sparking hopes of a US MSRP circling $700.

Days after G7 launch, LG V30S ThinQ is $200 off

The LG V30S ThinQ is still up for pre-orders at B&H Photo, but now at $729.99. Is it a good deal, regardless of what’s happening with the LG G7 ThinQ?

AT&T-bound LG V35 ThinQ looks an awful lot like the V30 in crystal clear leaked renders

Notch haters will be ecstatic to see the LG V35 ThinQ rendered without any iPhone X-inspired screen cutouts, although that doesn’t make the unreleased handset original.
LG G7 ThinQ

The reasoning behind LG G7 ThinQ’s LCD against OLED

The company is keeping OLED display technology with its more niche-aligned ‘V’ series releases as opposed to what’s intended to be a mass appeal G7 ThinQ.

LG V30S ThinQ goes up for US pre-orders just one day ahead of the G7 ThinQ announcement

Not only is the LG V30S ThinQ a (slightly) different phone from the V30 and V30+, but it’s now officially available in the US without a listed shipping date.

LG G7 ThinQ benchmark confirms base 4GB RAM option, Android 8.0

High-end Android smartphones with 4GB RAM are still a thing, as proven by a recent LG G7 ThinQ benchmark. But of course, a 6 gig variant could also be in the pipeline.

Verizon software update turns LG V30 into LG V30 ThinQ

With just a restart, the phone now has an extra word attached to its name and one less point of difference between it and the V30S ThinQ.

Latest, sharpest LG G7 ThinQ render tries to divert attention away from iPhone X-style notch

That iPhone X-inspired notch is almost unnoticeable in the latest ev-leaked LG G7 ThinQ render, but look carefully and you’ll see it’s not that small.

The LG G7 is (probably) dead, long live the LG G7 ThinQ

LG’s branding conundrum for its next-gen flagship smartphone might have been solved, with an LG G7 ThinQ expected out soon instead of a “regular” G7.

LG G7 name returns once more in the rumor mill, iPhone X-like notch included

The LG G7 may not be canceled after all, and it could end up looking extremely similar to that prototype showcased behind closed doors at MWC 2018.

LG V30S ThinQ gets a March 9 domestic release date and $975 starting price

If the name, familiar design and largely unchanged specifications of the LG V30S ThinQ are not a problem, rejoice, as the AI-enhanced phone is set to go on sale tomorrow… in Korea only.

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The show’s over, but for many of these smartphones, it’s the beginning of the road to commercialization. We have an all-star group to talk Galaxy S9, ASUS ZenFone 5 and more in this show from Barcelona!

LG V30S+ ThinQ Hands-On: “Dat name, tho!” (Video)

It’s not enough that LG tells us more about what more it put into turning a V30 into a V30S ThinQ. We have to show AND tell.

LG V30S ThinQ has all the AI with more hardware options

More RAM, more megapixel power and more artificial intelligence. The V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinQ are just so much more than a V30.