Insurgent OnePlus now has a key win in India

The fight has been among Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi for a period, but OnePlus has launched a rocket in India and has ridden it up into the premium space.

T-Mobile LG V30 getting Android Oreo again

It’s been a couple months and change since the last of the three other carriers pushed their Android 8.0 updates to their V30 units.

LG V30S ThinQ goes up for US pre-orders just one day ahead of the G7 ThinQ announcement

Not only is the LG V30S ThinQ a (slightly) different phone from the V30 and V30+, but it’s now officially available in the US without a listed shipping date.

Factory unlocked LG V30+ with 128GB storage costs $600 on eBay right now

The LG V30+ can be a very smart buy at $599.95 unlocked, as the V30S ThinQ starts selling around the world, and the G7 is likely right around the corner.

Sprint follows Verizon’s suit with its own official LG V30 Oreo update

The LG V30 is now officially updated to Android 8.0 Oreo on two of four major US wireless service providers, namely Verizon and Sprint.

LG G7 could come a ‘little late’ to market after all, MWC event reportedly not happening

Conflicting reports of different LG G7 release timelines continue to come in, with that “upgraded” V30 likely to see daylight at MWC 2018 sans fanfare.

Verizon, T-Mobile and BOGO iPhone, Android deals

The two carriers are at each other’s throats with big credit doles and new phones to give out. Which will you side with? Or are these deals just dumb?

No G7 at MWC, but ‘upgraded’ LG V30 with improved AI features could be on display

The latest (semi-plausible) theory concerning LG’s high-end 2018 smartphone release plans calls for an LG V30+ Alpha announcement at MWC next month.

LG V30+ launches in India on December 18 for Rs. 44,990

This price makes some LG fans in the United States jealous — this is the equivalent of $700. And there are some big pre-order perks.

Finally, LG V30 Android Oreo beta gets started in Korea

It’s taken 26 days to get this program actually booted up, but it’s finally happening for South Korean V30 and V30+ owners.

T-Mobile wraps up BOGO iPhone, BOGO Galaxy, BOGO LG deals today [UPDATE]

Buy one iPhone, get one for free. Buy a Samsung? Buy an LG? Get one for free. Simple as can be, but not for long, says T-Mobile.

The Pocketnow Black Friday 2017 deals watchlist

So many deals, so little time. But if it’s just a few clicks away anyways, you can take a little time to do a little research. We have it all in one place.

S + 1 equals OnePlus 5T | #PNWeekly 279 (Audio)

It’s supposed to be a step above Apple and all the rest of them. Meanwhile, OnePlus joins a couple of trends with its latest phone, too. We discuss!

Here’s how to get up to $400 back when buying an LG V30 [UPDATE]

The big idea here is that if you buy a V30 or V30+ and another LG electronic or appliance by December 2, you get that rebate!

T-Mobile unveils pricing and release details for LG V30+ and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

T-Mobile’s already robust high-end smartphone family grows with two new 600 MHz-supporting members, both priced north of $800.

US Cellular scores both LG V30 and V30+, available now for $800 and $850

US Cellular is the only (semi-) major wireless service provider stateside that carries both the LG V30 and V30+, charging $800 and up.

Sprint offers BOGO lease on LG V30+ with full price at $912

That’s $38 per month for 18 months, the term of the lease, and 24 months if you’d like to own the device. Or two, if you sign up for it quick.

LG V30 warranty extension confirmed, Verizon release set for October 5

We now know exactly when to expect the LG V30 to start selling through Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. And yes, you’ll get a two-year warranty as standard.

LG V30 shipping to Korea from today, but no word about US

Or, for that matter, the rest of the world. Two of the big three carriers in the South started shipping V30 and V30+ units out.

Sprint does one better with announcement of LG V30+ carriage

The carrier’s CEO announced the news in the hours after the V30’s reveal event. Plenty of details remain to be known at this early stage.

Blass leaves little doubt about LG V30+, says Quad DAC remains global

Actually wondering if the LG V30+ was going to be a real thing? Some say it might be as real as the LG G6+ is. Also, ESS Technology gets another job.

LG V30 Plus to go all out, Microsoft Surface response & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the rumored LG V30 Plus, and how it might go all out, Microsoft Surface response & more

Both LG V30 and V30 Plus are coming to Berlin on August 31, Korea in mid-September

Just like the G6, the LG V30 will reportedly be released in regular and Plus variants. Unlike the G6 and G6+, these two should launch simultaneously.