First LG G7 ThinQ units in South Korea getting Android Pie

LG has also apparently set out its Android Pie update schedule for more devices in its portfolio. Some will have longer to wait than others.

Fortnite beta invites have started to expand beyond Samsung Galaxy devices

Fortnite is starting to arrive to many Android devices starting today, so this would be a good time to check your e-mail to see if your invitation is there

You can probably expect Oreo to roll out for the LG V20 in August in North America

One Canadian carrier “expects” to start the official Android 8.0 Oreo rollout for the LG V20 next month, which probably means others will do the same.

LG Q8+, perhaps a smaller V30, certified by Korean government

Well, it could be a small V30, just like how the Q8 was very much like the V34 in that it was a smaller V20. But what are all these model numbers signaling?

5G crisis, 10GB RAM, Huawei P20 potentials | #PNWeekly 290

On this week’s show: the Trump administration plays with nationalizing private-sector infrastructure, the spec wars continue on in China and Huawei prepares for launch.

No class action settlement for LG bootloop litigation after all, extended warranty available instead

It appears not all US-based owners of LG G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X phones plagued by the bootloop defect will be compensated for their sorrow after all.

LG settles bootloop class action with up to $700 in remedies per plaintiff

Those who owned the G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X and experienced bootloops during usage are apparently getting vindication.

LG Wallet app listing suggests LG G7 name will stick after all [UPDATE]

The app was published to the Play Store, left for LG Android phone users curious enough to download in confusion and had a hint of flagship moniker projection.

T-Mobile wraps up BOGO iPhone, BOGO Galaxy, BOGO LG deals today [UPDATE]

Buy one iPhone, get one for free. Buy a Samsung? Buy an LG? Get one for free. Simple as can be, but not for long, says T-Mobile.

Free iPhone 7 tops AT&T’s list of Black Friday deals, but there are strings attached

AT&T’s free iPhone 7 Black Friday deal requires both installment plans and a DirecTV subscription. The free LG V20 is much easier to get.

Newegg has the LG V20 on sale today at a killer price, and other mobile deals planned for Black Friday

If you can’t wait a little while longer for Moto Z, ZTE Blade V8 Pro or Huawei Watch 2 Black Friday deals, the LG V20 is discounted today at Newegg.

LG V30 Real Camera Review: the video producer’s dream phone (Video)

Our full, exclusive and rigorous LG V30 real camera review is in, and the conclusions… aren’t quite as simple as you expect.

T-Mobile lets its early LG V30 adopters get a second unit at $500 off or a free G6 or V20

If the $800 LG V30 feels too rich for your blood, maybe a $500 discount on a second unit from T-Mobile will help sweeten the deal.

Unlocked GSM LG V20 goes for a hair over $300 in killer Walmart deal

There’s no expiration date attached to the latest LG V20 deal taking place at Walmart, but it’s probably wise to hurry, given the phone’s lasting appeal.

Unlocked LG V20 for AT&T/GSM is just $329.99 until September 28

It turns out that last year’s dual-camera flagship is this year’s holdover that’s still respectable for one reason or another.
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

T-Mobile has BOGO rebates on pairs of G6 and V20 or Galaxy S8 and S8+

Buy two LG G6, V20 or one of each and get a $500 prepaid debit card. Any combo Galaxy S8 and/or S8+? $800. Simple as that.

Portion of LG V30 OLED screen voluntarily revealed by OEM, along with 6-inch confirmation

It’s officially official and etched in stone – the LG V30 will sport a super-sharp 6-inch OLED display with “minimized” bezels and curved edges.

Fiio X5 vs LG V20: Should you use a dedicated music player?

If you really care about high quality audio, should you use a dedicated media player instead of a smartphone? Here’s our Fiio X5 vs LG V20 showdown!

LG V30 may try to make up for Second Screen absence with ‘floating bar’, 6-inch OLED panel also ‘confirmed’

Maybe the untimely death of the “Second Screen” isn’t a major tragedy, as the LG V30 is reportedly set to bring a “floating bar” to the table instead.

LG V30 moves one step closer to design confirmation, rear camera aperture tipped as industry-leading

It’s probably time to give up all hope of seeing any sort of secondary screen on the LG V30. For what it’s worth, the rear-facing dual camera sounds great.

LG V30 tipped for September 28 US and ‘global’ launch, Korea will get the phone early

Following an August 31 announcement at IFA Berlin, the high-stakes LG V30 could start selling in Korea on September 15, followed by the US on the 28th.

Mini LG V20, V34, gets to Italy as LG Q8

The LG V34 in Japan has made its way over to Italy as the Q8 with just a little bit more water resistance and little else.

First credible LG V30 cases lend further plausibility to G6-similar rear design

With a single 6-inch screen likely in tow, the upcoming LG V30 is definitely an eye-catching device viewed from behind, flush dual camera and all.

Credible LG V30 design rendered as refined G6, just one 6-inch screen in tow

This purported LG V30 looks way more similar to the G6 than the V20, with a single “FullVision” display on deck and a shiny glass back.

Unlocked LG G6, V20 and G5 hit new all-time low prices on eBay: $420, $370 and $230

If you’re into high-end LG phones, any high-end LG phone, eBay is the place to find the best deals right now. A $420 GSM unlocked LG G6, for instance.