Yer A Wizard, Niantic! | #PNWeekly 278

A new roving AR game for Harry Potter fans is coming around next year! Plus, more controversy around the Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X on this week’s show!

Saygus V2 somehow alive, said to be passing through FCC

Yes, that phone from 2015 that had all the spec junkies in a tizzy. It’s still happening, apparently. No word on the phone getting CE certificates, though.

Saygus V Squared customers promised Snapdragon 835 version for free

It won hearts and money two years ago, but even after the Indiegogo, Saygus dropped off the map. It’s been clawing its way back with big promises.

Saygus tweetstorms on the V2’s Snapdragon 801 and an unreliable ODM

After a slew of problems from parts providers and manufacturers, Saygus has now taken the reins of building its own phone. It’s still late for shipments.

Saygus reveals pre-order pricing and some early-adopter bonuses for V2 Android

Learn when Saygus V2 pre-orders get underway, and how you can make sure to get some extra goodies with your order.

Saygus lets us know when to expect V2 pre-orders to kick off

The superphone that we once thought was just vaporware is fast incoming. This is what we now know about Saygus V2 pre-orders.

Saygus V2 superphone: hands-on (Video)

The Saygus V2 may be the surprise star of CES 2015, thanks to some hard-to-ignore hardware specs. Take a look for yourself in our hands-on video.