USB-C compatibility problems are the worst!
USB-C was supposed to be the new standard in universal peripheral connectivity. It’s too bad nothing works with all the USB-C compatibility problems
Xiaomi defends Mi 6 headphone jack absence, says it’s the future
The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the Chinese company’s first smartphone without a headphone jack, and the reason is it needed a larger battery.
Analyst predicts LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3, no Lightning change on iPhone 8
This year’s third-gen Apple Watch is expected to adopt standalone LTE, while 2018 iPhones may mix the best of Lightning and USB Type-C technologies.
Curved OLED iPhone 8 rumors rehashed yet again, new USB-C gossip calls for Lightning exclusion
It’s no big secret that Apple probably has a curved OLED iPhone 8 in the pipeline, but what if its Lightning port will go away to make room for USB Type-C?
Galaxy S8 headphone jack out, screen to absorb home button
Rumors say that screen will still be quad HD and not 4K as previously rumored. But it’ll be more power-efficient and colorful.
Nexus Quick Charge Explained
Android may require USB Power Delivery support in the future
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Dash Charge, Super VOOC and all those other standards might have to be abandoned. Or Android Nougat, who knows?
Of course the new MacBook Pro requires a special adapter or cable to pair with iPhone 7
Instead of simplifying the ports and connectivity options on the new MacBook Pro and iPhone 7, Apple has made a big mess of them.
Headphone jack moves closer to extinction with new USB Audio 3.0 standard
A new, standardized USB Audio 3.0 technology for USB Type-C connections aims to remove the traditional headphone jack from more than just phones.
The impending horror of USB Type C audio adapters
Apple followed Moto in cutting the headphone jack from the iPhone. We’re sure more companies will follow. The impending horror of USB Type C audio adapters.
Can USB Type-C really kill the headphone jack and its tradition?
Whelp. The Moto Z has gone and done it. No longer will…
HTC starts handing out free USB Type-C cables to direct HTC 10 buyers
A USB Type-C cord is nowhere near as valuable as a Samsung Gear VR headset, but when given away for free, it goes nicely with the HTC 10 phone.
Should our phones move from USB Type C to Thunderbolt 3?
Our phones are just now adopting a new connector, but it’s never too early to speculate. Should our phones move from USB Type C to Thunderbolt 3?
What is USB Type C, and what is it not?
As more phones are changing the connector which we use to charge and transfer data. What is USB Type C? Here’s what it can and can’t do!
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Charging the HTC 10 with another adapter does actually have some risks
We’re hearing of a case of an HTC 10 heating to extreme temperatures after charging off of a Pixel C power block. It all gets tricky from there.
Is USB Type-C too early?
USB Type-C is the next generation of USB connector. There is a lot that is attractive, but there are enough shortcomings to wonder if it has come too early.
OnePlus 3 leaks confirms USB-C, leaves the back of the phone
While the back of the OnePlus 3 isn’t ready to show off, a reputable Twitter leaker does show off some interesting features of the phone.
Industry pressure grows to move audio away from headphone jacks – it’s not just Apple
Intel’s working on new standards that could one day make USB type-C headphones ubiquitous.
USB type-C gains ability to securely verify certified cables and devices
Learn about the new USB type-C authentication scheme, and how it intends to give users confidence in the accessories they attach to their devices.
Monoprice launches cheapest, most diverse line of USB-C cables you can probably trust
Who said spec-compliant USB-C or USB Type-C cables have to be expensive? Not Monoprice, which sells reversible cords for as little as $4.
JBL Reflect Aware C earphones leverage USB type-C for active noise cancellation
In addition to using USB type-C for pure digital audio, the new JBL Reflect Aware C earphones use the connector for powered active noise cancellation.
Problematic USB Type-C cables and adapters are now banned on Amazon
Amazon wants nothing to do with non-standard-compliant USB Type-C cables and adapters anymore, prohibiting their sales on its website at last.
Leaks go against notion of Huawei P9 dual speakers
More images of an obscured Huawei P9 come to pass that confirm renders and guesstimates, but destroy a couple of others.
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pic confirms micro USB is making a return: no USB type-C this time
Samsung fans will just have to wait for USB type-C connectivity, as new Galaxy S7 micro USB evidence arrives.
Apple offers replacements for faulty USB type-C cables
Did you buy a new MacBook in the first half of last year? This Apple USB type-C cable recall may affect you.
USB Type C vs Apple’s Lightning Connector: Smartphone cable showdown
Read more about the main differences between USB Type C, and Apple’s Lightning Connector in a quick showdown for those of you interested in a switch