Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Apple FORCED to CHANGE iPhone to USB-C?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting USB-C charging ports in future Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy S20 registrations and more

It seems that Apple will have to include USB-C ports in their future devices

The parliament of the European Union has voted in favor of creating laws that could make Apple start including USB-C ports in their future devices

Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 11 BEATS Sales Expectation?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the sales of the iPhone 11, spyware attacks to several Android devices, the new OnePlus 8 and more
iPhone 11 Max

Kuo: Frosted iPhone XI, 32GB RAM on 13-inch MacBook Pro

The smallest MacBook Pro may get the most active memory it has ever seen this year. Plus, a new look iPhone this September?

Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345

We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!

2019 iPhones stuck with Lightning, slow 5-watt charging block say industry sources

While the rest of the mobile industry has been promoting speedier charging with fast adapters right in the box, Apple may still be stuck in the slow lane.

USB-C in consideration with 2019 iPhones, iOS 13 will get dark mode

Also, rumors of a third camera coming to the iPhone are echoed here, with the push on 3D depth-sensing as a gateway to an Apple VR headset.

We may get a new iPod Touch and iPhones with USB-C this year

There are rumors that make us think of finally getting a new generation of iPod Touch devices and USB-C ports in this year’s iPhones

Apple isn’t bundling new iPad Pro with headphone jack dongle

With the shift from Lightning to USB-C, Apple has decided that its customers who are already paying more than $799 for a tablet can pay more for a dongle.

These are the latest renders of the 2018 iPad Pro models

We get new iPad Pro renders that could end up being very close to what we may end up getting during Apple’s next event on October 30th
SIM-free iPhone XS

Deals you need if you want to fast charge your iPhone Xs

Amazon has some great one-day deals for all of you who want to get fast charging in your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or any other mobile device

Google ’s new dongle gives us longer playback and lower latency for an extra $3

Here are the new features for the new USB-C to headphone jack adapter that Google has upgraded before the launch of the Pixel 3 devices

This will be the Apple event according to Ming-Chi Kuo

Ming-Chi Kuo has given us tons of reliable information regarding Apple devices and this time we get predictions on what we can see on the 12th

iPhone users want better battery life, and they don’t really mind the notch

This is what really matters to iPhone users, according to the results of a survey. “A big battery” can apparently improve iPhone devices

Google Pixel 3 XL pictures and video leaked with USB-C earbuds

New pictures and video leaks show us the Google Pixel 3 XL and some of the accessories that will come with this device

You’ll know if you bought a fake iPhone 9 charger

Because it will take forever and a day to charge. Actually, even if it’s a legit charger that properly fast charges according to USB rules, it may not work.

Fast chargers are coming with new iPhones, but there’s a catch for existing iPhone owners

Find out why existing iPhone owners won’t be able to buy the new 18W USB-C adapters for their 2017 iPhone models

Surface USB-C adapter, targeted for enterprise, sells Friday for $80

This is no dongle. It’s a pretty large adapter that doesn’t speak too much of portability and, disappointingly, has minimum power requirements.

Analyst believes LCD iPhone production fast-tracked by a month

A Rosenblatt analyst also has words about some charging components coming from different places and being more powerful than ever before.

2019 iPhones rumored to finally ditch Lightning for USB-C

Component suppliers are speculating that Apple will finally ditch the Lightning connector on iPhones, iPads and iPods for a port now on MacBooks.

Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable discounted to $19

Sure, it’s only down $6, but that’s more than 25 percent and it’s all in the context of how you might charge your iPhone if you buy a new one this fall.

Renders pop-up of European USB-C adapter for 2018 iPhones

Previously, designs have popped up for American plugs with USB-C connectors. All together, this will make charging speeds of up to more than three times faster than the current adapter possible.

Chinese rumors bring USB-C adapters to 2018 iPhones

That might not sound like anything to you at the moment, but it actually means that fast-charging abilities won’t be a privilege of the few.

Amazon combines Essential Phone discount with free USB-C earbuds

It’s a deal good through Saturday, March 24, that lets customers save on a unique, new color of the Essential Phone and ditch their headphone dongles.

Sony’s new USB-C headphone dongle (with extra charge port) provides bare convenience

Sure, you can listen to music with a standard pair of cans AND charge your phone at the same time, but you can’t charge it quickly nor transfer data to your phone.