C Spire and US Cellular join ‘big four’ carriers in supporting Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE
The LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 can be activated on more than just America’s “big four” carriers, and C Spire even has a nice introductory deal.
Verizon is proclaimed 2018’s fastest mobile network nationwide, Galaxy S9 easily beats iPhone X
According to PC Magazine’s latest in-depth nationwide research, Verizon trumps T-Mobile for the title of America’s fastest mobile network.
NAD ‘recommends’ T-Mobile stop using misleading ‘best unlimited network’ slogan
T-Mobile may provide America’s fastest wireless service, but according to the National Advertising Division, that’s not enough to qualify for the title of nation’s “best unlimited network.”
LG G7 ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ gets a $750 FRP and introductory BOGO deal at T-Mobile
T-Mobile is just about ready to accept LG G7 ThinQ pre-orders in exchange for a $30 down payment and $30 monthly installments, with offline inventory set to arrive on June 1.
AT&T is making a few small but important prepaid plan revisions
There’s an all-new AT&T prepaid plan, priced at $50 or $40 with AutoPay, including 8GB of high-speed data. Also, heftier multi-line discounts, and a larger mobile hotspot bucket for the “Unlimited Plus” option.
Sweet T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans will get slightly pricier next week
Instead of paying just $60 a month for two unlimited everything service lines, T-Mobile customers aged 55 or older will be charged $70 starting March 15, which is still extremely affordable.
T-Mobile and Sprint unveil some of their specific 5G rollout plans, Verizon and AT&T working on ‘pucks’
T-Mobile wants the world to know it’s playing the “long game” in terms of 5G deployment, while Sprint is getting ready to bring “5G-like” capabilities to three cities.
US Cellular has a sweet new unlimited data plan deal with several caveats
Four new unlimited data lines with US Cellular will set you back a modest $140 monthly total, while a single line is $45, both prices contingent on a number of catches and strings.
T-Mobile goes for Olympic gold with free high-speed data and calling in South Korea
Throughout the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games, T-Mobile is going to allow its US customers to make free calls and surf the web at high speeds in South Korea.
Political pressure is reportedly mounting on AT&T to cut all commercial ties with Huawei
There will be no Huawei Mate 10 phone sold through AT&T, and the second largest US carrier may need to ditch the Chinese company’s networking equipment and Cricket devices as well.
AT&T aims to be the first US carrier with ‘true’ mobile 5G service live in 2018
Enough preparing and testing the 5G waters, as the next-gen mobile connectivity standard is pretty much ready for primetime, at least as far as AT&T is concerned.
Huawei Mate 10 sales through US carriers confirmed, details coming at CES 2018
It remains unclear whether the regular Huawei Mate 10 or the Mate 10 Pro (or both) are coming to US carriers. But the company’s US expansion is certain.
AT&T will almost surely carry the Huawei Mate 10 (or Mate 10 Pro) soon, Verizon deal also possible
Verizon may want a piece of the US Huawei Mate 10-carrying action, as an AT&T release of either the Mate 10 or Mate 10 Pro feels like a matter of weeks.
Cricket revives cheaper unlimited plan with more restrictions, hotspot add-on also available
There are now two Cricket Wireless unlimited data plans, the newer of which starts at $55 a month with a permanent 3 Mbps speed cap.
Boost and Virgin Mobile join iPhone X US availability party sans pricing details
Up for pre-order from Apple and major US carriers, the highly anticipated iPhone X is also coming soon to minor operators Virgin and Boost Mobile.
T-Mobile and Sprint’s long-rumored merger may not be announced until ‘mid or late November’
Contrary to previous reports, T-Mobile and Sprint will likely not come together to announce merger intentions this month either.
T-Mobile’s 600 MHz timeline is ‘well ahead of expectations’, with tests underway this summer
T-Mobile is looking to quickly capitalize on wide 600 MHz spectrum it spent nearly $8 billion on fairly recently, with a big deployment planned this year.
T-Mobile and Verizon are neck and neck in latest OpenSignal report in both LTE speed and coverage
Technically, Verizon leads as far as 4G availability is concerned, while T-Mobile edges its arch-rival in download speeds. But the gaps are microscopic.
T-Mobile One already ups hotspot speed ante, One Plus brings more perks for $95 a month
T-Mobile One service will include 3G hotspot speeds after all starting September 1, with the One Plus option looking quite dreamy… and costly.
T-Mobile closes in on Verizon in network availability while taking all the speed crowns
It comes as no surprise that T-Mobile is again OpenSignal’s carrier champion in terms of download speeds, ranking a close second in network availability.
Sprint books former Verizon adman to promote network reliability and switches
Sprint’s latest commercials star Paul Marcarelli, best known as the Verizon “Test Man” or “can you hear me now” guy, in an attempt to drive switches.
T-Mobile deemed best of overall crappy US carriers in network ‘experience index’
US carriers are the absolute worst in “consumer app experience”, according to analysis that finds T-Mobile the least horrible of the nation’s “big four.”