The OnePlus team has given hints of what to expect in the OnePlus 6T

The new OnePlus 6T will include many software upgrades that start from a completely new user interface that has been confirmed by the OnePlus team

iPhone natives upgrade to iPhone X, Android switchers go with cheaper iPhones

For those familiar with Apple and iOS, they’re more willing to splash cash on an expensive iPhone. Switchers, meanwhile, dip their toes into the pool.
iPhone SE 2 or iPhone X

iPhone goes flat in China as Apple gets crowded out

Across the country, people are waiting longer before upgrading and, when they do, are increasingly choosing something other than an iPhone.

Apple will lose iPhone sales with battery replacements

Apple is making up to customers and that make-up will depress sales of iPhones in the coming year. At least that’s what one bank is thinking.

Is the iPhone 8 dragging down AT&T upgrade numbers?

There’s a bit of extrapolation going on, but it seems that early iPhone 8 sales have not been plentiful enough to sustain AT&T results.

Two in five iPhone owners may upgrade to iPhone 8, according to survey

The consumer poll, conducted by Fluent, backs up that claim with big loyalty numbers for Apple consumers that would make any Android OEM jealous.

44 percent of current iPhone users may upgrade to iPhone 7

Evidence is gathering on both sides of the Apple divide. Will the iPhone 7 be the company’s path back to winningness? Or will it prolong its fall?

Analysts see upgrade cycles helping iPhone 7 sales

Market analysts are expecting a record holiday for the iPhone 7 and even more of them to come thanks to the dreaded upgrade cycle.

HTC 10 round up, Galaxy Note 6 rumors, and longer phone upgrades? | Pocketnow Weekly 197

Is the HTC 10 perfect? Galaxy Note 6 rumors are popping up. Why are folks waiting longer to upgrade their phones? Episode 197 of the Pocketnow Weekly!