Pocketnow Daily: Apple is KILLING Face ID & The Notch?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible changes coming in future iPhones, upgrades in the Nintendo Switch and more

The Google Assistant for iPhone just got better thanks to Siri

Siri shortcuts in iPhones are going to help the Google Assistant be more useful to its users after its latest software update

The new Mac mini has received the biggest upgrade ever

Great changes and upgrades have come with the presentation of the new Mac mini that’s already available for purchase for a really nice price.
SIM-free iPhone XS

Upgrading from an iPhone X to an Xs or Xs Max is not very wise apparently

It’s a good idea to read this if you own an iPhone X and you’re planning on getting yourself a new iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

How many iPhone users are planning to upgrade to a new model?

Apple may be in for huge sales success with the new iPhone 2018 models. Since surveys and other sources are certain of their potential

Piper Jaffray runs survey to prognosticate on iPhone 8 upgrade rate in the US

Consumer sentiment surveys are abound and the investment firms are using them to gauge how they’ll play Apple stock ahead of the iPhone 8 launch.

Surface Laptop availability expands along with Windows 10 S upgrade window

Platinum Gray isn’t our jam, so it’ll be nice to be able to buy a Surface Laptop in three more colors. And if Windows 10 S isn’t enough, upgrade for free.
T-Mobile JUMP On Demand

T-Mobile updates JUMP On Demand with monthly switcharoos

You can upgrade your phone once every 30 days under this new plan. But the program also acts as a more standard 18-month leasing program.

Microsoft Surface Plus brings zero-interest leasing with 18-month upgrades

Surface Plus will make paying and upgrading the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio more affordable. There’s a business plan, too.

Saygus V Squared customers promised Snapdragon 835 version for free

It won hearts and money two years ago, but even after the Indiegogo, Saygus dropped off the map. It’s been clawing its way back with big promises.

$60 to a shady Chinese shop upgrades the Nexus 5X RAM, SoC

Not only that, but there’s a Snapdragon 810 in the situation, too. It all stems from a bootloop situation in Hong Kong and an outdated warranty.

Sprint’s Galaxy Forever lease deal comes up with Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Forever program is back with free upgrades at 12 months, an option to buy at 18 and a chance of biting dust with the S8 after that.

AT&T raises upgrade fees once again

Starting January 20, if you need to make an off-promo-season upgrade to your smartphone, you’ll pay $5 more than you would’ve today.

Bah humbug? Plans call for Verizon fees to be waived closer to Black Friday

$20 activation and upgrade fees will not apply through November 23, according to a leaked document. If only this was permanent…

T-Mobile randomly upgrading accounts with an extra gigabyte or unlimited data

Many are getting an extra gigabyte a month for free. In some cases, customers are reporting unlimited data upgrades. The changes last through February 2019.

Free iPhone 7 at Sprint if you trade in, sign up for any plan

You have to be toting a fairly new Samsung Galaxy S7 or keep in line with some older iPhones if you want this deal. Also, there is a memory upgrade online.

21 percent at least “somewhat likely” to upgrade to iPhone 7

People are extremely interested in a freshly redesigned iPhone. But wait until they’ve seen the leaks of the iPhone 7 this year.

A basic Windows 10 Mobile phone now officially needs double the memory

The requirements have officially changed. Instead of 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, you’ll need double both for a basic Windows 10 Mobile experience.

What makes us move to a brand new smartphone?

There are many reasons to buy a new smartphone and many reasons why you might switch brands. We take a look at some of those and ask you for yours.

AT&T upgrade fees get a hike, but avoid a Verizon move

The $15 upgrade and activation fees get notched up to $20 and apply to everything except a major upgrade avenue that got Verizon critics roaring.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile: What you need to know

The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is started to become available to existing phones. Do you really want to install it though? Find out here.

Students and faculty can snag a $48 discount at T-Mobile

If you’re a college student or a teacher at a K-12 or higher ed, there’s good news if you’re looking to turn pink and get a new phone. With catches.

The iPhone’s dominance in three graphs (and a bunch of murky numbers)

Stats and figures have been running thick these past several days. Earlier…

HTC’s Next Hurdle: Long-Term Support

HTC’s One is a stellar smartphone, but without timely Android upgrades it may quickly fall from grace. Read on for our take on the HTC One update situation.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Android Now

Read about why you may not want to upgrade your Android — not just yet anyway.