Fitbit reportedly tried to buy Jawbone as well, but lowball offer blocked the deal
Believe it or not, wearable tech veteran Jawbone is not desperate enough… just yet to accept any acquisition offer from arch-nemesis Fitbit.
Jawbone labels exit speculation as false, remains committed to building new wearables
In trying to set the record straight, Jawbone essentially confirmed current money trouble while insisting it’s got exciting things in the pipeline still.
Jawbone stops the factories for one last-chance wearable
Sources say Jawbone has sold off its inventory of UP fitness wearables and is looking to sell its Bluetooth speaker business.
Jawbone announces Up4 fitness band with built-in mobile payments, affordable Up2 as well
The Jawbone Up4 has gone official today, bringing mobile payments (with a catch) to fitness bands. The company has also unveiled the affordable Jawbone Up2.