Verizon has three unlimited plans now, which you can mix and match however you want

Verizon’s new Above Unlimited plan starts at $95 a month for “super users”, but any family account member can get a big discount by mixing things up.

Port in your number to MetroPCS, and you can get two free months of unlimited service

Technically, you have to pay for your first two months of unlimited MetroPCS service before receiving $100 back, but free money is always a good deal.

Sweet T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans will get slightly pricier next week

Instead of paying just $60 a month for two unlimited everything service lines, T-Mobile customers aged 55 or older will be charged $70 starting March 15, which is still extremely affordable.

Verizon adds ultra-low-cost plan to prepaid lineup, also offers small unlimited discount

Verizon’s prepaid plans get just a little better today, starting at $30 a month with 500MB high-speed data and setting you back as much as $75 if you need unlimited service.

US Cellular has a sweet new unlimited data plan deal with several caveats

Four new unlimited data lines with US Cellular will set you back a modest $140 monthly total, while a single line is $45, both prices contingent on a number of catches and strings.

Switch to Cricket Wireless, and get a free new Alcatel Verso or old LG Fortune

In addition to ultra-affordable unlimited data plans, those who choose to switch to Cricket Wireless in the near future can get one of several Android phones free of charge.

Sprint goes after Verizon subscribers again with free unlimited service for a year

Anyone willing to activate an eligible unlocked smartphone on Sprint, and port in an existing number, can get a full year of free unlimited data, talk and text for a limited time.

Get free iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 or LG G6 from US Cellular with qualifying trade-in

If you sign up to a US Cellular unlimited plan between November 22 and 27, and turn in an eligible device, the iPhone 8 can be yours free of charge.

Sprint joins forces with Hulu for a service bundle rivaling T-Mo and Netflix’s alliance

To better compete against T-Mobile and AT&T, which have Netflix and HBO respectively in their corners, Sprint has recruited Hulu for a new unlimited deal.

Cricket revives cheaper unlimited plan with more restrictions, hotspot add-on also available

There are now two Cricket Wireless unlimited data plans, the newer of which starts at $55 a month with a permanent 3 Mbps speed cap.

T-Mobile’s new dirt-cheap Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan comes with no option to add data

T-Mobile is probably the strongest proponent of unlimited data stateside, but the “Un-carrier’s” Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan goes against its beliefs.

MetroPCS sets a new standard for unlimited family affordability, free phones thrown in for switchers

Four unlimited lines of MetroPCS prepaid service are only $100 a month in total right now, with a bunch of free phones up for grabs for switchers.

If you don’t need Netflix, this is your last chance to pay $100 for two standard T-Mobile lines

A little-advertised T-Mobile offer including two service lines for a total of $100 a month with no Netflix is expiring soon, so act accordingly.

AT&T finally welcomes Unlimited Choice customers to the free HBO party

Available for AT&T Unlimited Plus customers at no extra charge since April, premium HBO content is now also offered for Unlimited Choice subscribers.

Verizon’s new Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans are complicated and full of restrictions

$75 can get you a Verizon Go Unlimited line with a boatload of limits and restrictions, while the $85 Beyond Unlimited plan is better but not great.

Comcast launches Verizon-backed Xfinity Mobile service nationwide, unlimited plans are $45 per line

Supported by Verizon’s 4G LTE network, as well as a whopping 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots, Xfinity Mobile is now available for all Comcast customers.

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ targets rival ‘senior’ plans at $60 a month for two lines

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ service aims to show respect instead of contempt for the “generation that invented wireless”, i.e. Americans age 55 and up.

Virgin Mobile is now all about iPhones, and its unlimited service costs $1 for a full year

Virgin Mobile has nothing but iPhones on sale starting today, which you can activate on an unlimited plan that’s basically free for the first year.

AT&T combines DirecTV Now access with unlimited wireless service for just $70 a month

AT&T is still trying to make DirecTV Now happen, throwing in more than 60 top TV channels for Unlimited Choice subscribers at a $10 premium.

Sprint trims unlimited prices again, simplifying choice while ditching ‘50% off’ promo

No more “50% off” incentive to switch to Sprint starting today, but the Now Network’s Unlimited Freedom plan is the all-around cheapest nationwide.

AT&T Unlimited Plus subscribers get free HBO with or without DirecTV Now

In addition to all the monthly data you can eat, AT&T Unlimited Plus subscriptions come with premium HBO access at no extra charge.

T-Mobile adds AppleCare+ to JUMP! and PDP services, also launching new prepaid plans

It’s still raining deals, discounts and plan upgrades over at T-Mobile, with Premium Device Protection now including AppleCare+, and more prepaid options.

AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data (with caps) for $60 a month

The best AT&T GoPhone monthly prepaid plans still cost $40 and $60 respectively, getting big upgrades from 4 and 8GB high-speed data to 6 and unlimited.

Newly launched Verizon Unlimited plan comes with free phones for switchers/traders

Those willing to switch carriers and sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan, as well as trade in a functional phone, can get a free new flagship model.

Sprint outdoes itself, charging $90 for two, three, four or five unlimited lines

This feels like a familiar deal, but it’s actually an entirely new one, with $90 per month enough for a whopping five lines of unlimited Sprint service.