Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan available from May 18

Sprint is still competing with T-Mobile for the moment, despite the two having proposed to be merged. This salvo goes for older customers.

Sprint joins forces with Hulu for a service bundle rivaling T-Mo and Netflix’s alliance

To better compete against T-Mobile and AT&T, which have Netflix and HBO respectively in their corners, Sprint has recruited Hulu for a new unlimited deal.

Sprint baiting Verizon customers with free unlimited data service for a year

The battle of the unlimited data plans has driven Sprint to lunging for Verizon customers with, besides a couple catches, free service for a year.

Can’t do Unlimited Freedom? Sprint 2GB plan is $40 per month per line

T-Mobile ONE wraps in a feature called KickBack that customers have to opt for. Even with that, using less than 2GB costs $60 a month.

Sprint scales back on multiple-line discounts, but you can still get a 5th line free

It’s not $90 levels of insane, but $120 for 5 lines ain’t bad, either. And it compares well against the other plans from the competition at this level.

Sprint offers BOGO Galaxy S8 lease starting tomorrow

That is, an 18-month lease with an option for a no-charge upgrade to what might be the Galaxy S8. And also, you have to have a new line or two.

Sprint trims unlimited prices again, simplifying choice while ditching ‘50% off’ promo

No more “50% off” incentive to switch to Sprint starting today, but the Now Network’s Unlimited Freedom plan is the all-around cheapest nationwide.

Unlimited data war at these price levels “probably not” sustainable admits Sprint CFO

Tarek Rabbiati said at an investors’ conference are looking for capital. Likely, these promos are a base-building move to support 5G projects.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom goes back to a single plan with all the fixins’

If you’re currently on Sprint Unlimited Freedom or the Premium version of the plan, get ready to merge, get more and pay less starting in March.

Everyone in the pool: AT&T unlimited plan slinks into view

No longer will you have to sign up for expensive satellite TV service to get unlimited wireless internet: AT&T is reacting to its competitors this week.

Get $200 for each line ported to Sprint Unlimited

That’s $200 per line if you come from a competing carrier, trade in your phone and then sign up to get a prepaid debit card. Entirely new accounts get $100.

Sprint continues to outshine the competition with extended unlimited data freebies

You can still get three free lines of unlimited service from Sprint for a “limited time”, as long as you cough up $100 on the first two.

Sprint hits back at T-Mobile with free third, fourth and fifth line of unlimited service

Not to be outdone by T-Mobile, Sprint ups the unlimited service freebie ante from two to three lines for the industry’s “best” Black Friday deal.

Unlimited data for tablets just $20 a month on Sprint

You might have to pay more for data on your tablet, but at least you get as much as you can eat. Netflix binge sesh, anyone?

Sprint launches Unlimited Freedom for Business

Businesses can now hop on with unlimited data on Sprint with the same optimization limits that consumers have to work around.

Sprint will take its time moving customers to Unlimited Freedom

CEO Marcelo Claure told investors that the company’s growing well and that the next step would be to consolidate rate plans… gradually.

Free iPhone 7 at Sprint if you trade in, sign up for any plan

You have to be toting a fairly new Samsung Galaxy S7 or keep in line with some older iPhones if you want this deal. Also, there is a memory upgrade online.

Sprint further ups the streaming quality ante with Unlimited Freedom Premium plan

Unlimited Freedom service is one thing, while Unlimited Freedom Premium is a whole-new kettle of fish from Sprint, 1080p video streaming included.

T-Mobile One earns net neutrality doubts from EFF

The Un-carrier is in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s ire once again as net neutrality concerns are raised against its newest (and only) data plan.

Sprint officially gets the Unlimited Freedom show on the road

In response to T-Mobile’s ‘industry-changing’ Un-carrier 12 move, Sprint just switched on Unlimited Freedom plans with unlimited everything for $60 and up.