Sprint 3Q17 earnings get big boost from tax reform, fast forwards 5G plans

The carrier would have made rare income after expenses, but the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act gave billions of dollars of benefit on paper.

US Cellular cuts prepaid unlimited data plans

The fifth national network or the leading super-regional carrier in the United States is also trying to keep up with the likes of MetroPCS and Boost Mobile.

Verizon Go Unlimited now get roaming data in Canada and Mexico

From January 25, those who are on the $75 plan will get what people on the $85 plan have been getting for months: free roaming on neighborly soil.

Cricket offering four lines of unlimited data for $100 a month, but there’s a catch

Four lines of data for $100 or two lines for $80. But you’ll have to make a big compromise on speed to live with this deal.

Cricket Wireless drops 8GB and 12GB plans with focus on unlimited data

Two unlimited plans come into place with three pre-existing plans at lower price tiers. The discount for group accounts has also been cut.

T-Mobile’s new dirt-cheap Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan comes with no option to add data

T-Mobile is probably the strongest proponent of unlimited data stateside, but the “Un-carrier’s” Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan goes against its beliefs.

Sprint Unlimited plan promo rates are done, going up by $10

From $50 to $60 per month, it’s still $20 less than other plans of this caliber. There’s also a family plan deal that you can still catch somewhere.

T-Mobile breaks the rules by capping high-speed data on Mobile Without Borders

If you travel to Mexico and Canada often and are on T-Mobile you’ll want to know about the impending high-speed data cap coming your way.

Boost Mobile fights back at MetroPCS with sweet add a line unlimited deal of its own

Boost Mobile’s “Unlimited Gigs” are still $50 a month for a single user, but the second, third, fourth and fifth service line only cost $25 each.

AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data (with caps) for $60 a month

The best AT&T GoPhone monthly prepaid plans still cost $40 and $60 respectively, getting big upgrades from 4 and 8GB high-speed data to 6 and unlimited.

Is this the new front in the unlimited data war? T-Mobile One raises de-prioritization cap

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon all cap untangled unlimited data use at around 22GB. T-Mobile used to at 28GB, but not anymore. The cap has been raised.

Cricket throttling its unlimited data users harder starting April 2

The AT&T prepaid carrier already caps rates at 8Mbps. Now, unlimited data users may see bigger speed cuts like their postpaid counterparts.

US Cellular has Total Plans with No Hidden Fees and unlimited options, too

US Cellular can’t just have “Total Plans” or “No Hidden Fees,” they have to come part and parcel. The question is, is the parcel right for you?

AT&T Unlimited Plan gets new tiers, hotspot

AT&T Unlimited Choice is a very lean plan at a fairly stiff price. We also demystify the TV service bundle deals with AT&T Unlimited Plus.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom goes back to a single plan with all the fixins’

If you’re currently on Sprint Unlimited Freedom or the Premium version of the plan, get ready to merge, get more and pay less starting in March.

Everyone in the pool: AT&T unlimited plan slinks into view

No longer will you have to sign up for expensive satellite TV service to get unlimited wireless internet: AT&T is reacting to its competitors this week.

Sprint’s ‘best unlimited HD plan ever’ raises streaming and hotspot bars while keeping prices low

Sprint can do “unlimited” HD video streaming and mobile hotspot just like T-Mobile and Verizon, but way cheaper, especially for a family of four.

T-Mobile One’s Unlimited HD Day Passes were stupid — “were” being key

You had to keep turning them on every single day. Not particularly convenient if you’ve paid for that constant HD streaming privilege. But it’s changing.

T-Mobile ONE changes in response to Verizon Unlimited plan

T-Mobile One’s base plan gets an upgrade and that tails Verizon’s debut of its unlimited plan. And it’s still only $70 per month.

The return of the Verizon Unlimited plan comes after “you asked”

It won’t throttle streaming, but it will add on unlimited hotspot tethering and include free data to use in Canada and Mexico. It’s a slightly pricier get.

AT&T and Verizon raise fees, again

Big Orange is raising fees on its very old unlimited data plan while Verizon is pumping up its upgrade fee, introduced just a year ago.

Sprint ups speeds in Mexico, Caribbean for the winter

The number four carrier in the US is letting its customers sunbathe in unlimited, high-speed data in over 25 territories. Time to surf waves and the web.

In war of words, T-Mobile vs Verizon spat has misleading statements on all ways

Verizon spun up ads with Jamie Foxx against Sprint and T-Mobile on their unlimited data plans. The Un-carrier has its own spin doctor and he’s the CEO.

T-Mobile paying out $48 million in settlement with FCC over “unlimited” throttling

The Un-carrier settled with the FCC over claims that it was de-prioritizing customers on its unlimited data plans. Well, “unlimited” data plans.

Unlimited data for tablets just $20 a month on Sprint

You might have to pay more for data on your tablet, but at least you get as much as you can eat. Netflix binge sesh, anyone?