Unicode 14 emojis
These are the new emojis coming with Unicode 14.0
The new emojis include saluting face, biting lip, watery eyes, bird’s nest, and more.
The black dot emoji (and much more) is crashing apps on iOS 11.3
We’ve been looking at this issue for a few days, but apparently it has exploded in commonality as more publicity gets piled onto it.
157 new emoji included in final version of Unicode’s Emoji 11.0
A whole bunch of emoji are ready to go, but you can’t use them yet. Instead, your phone’s maker will have to code it into a software update…
Google bids blob emoji goodbye, Apple greets Unicode 10 symbols
July 17 is World Emoji Day and everyone is playing around with the cute little faces, foods and whatnot. Google and Apple show their design transitions.
Unicode 10 emoji additions stand at 56, bring total to 1,752
The Unicode Consortium is recognizing several skin tones and gendered variations in personas like fairies, vampires and magi.
Android O emoji go from gumdrop to usable
Lines. Gender. More intersect with how other companies’ emoji. More understanding. If you can’t get emoji in a snap, Google has failed you… until now.
Unicode 10 emoji proposals include the sauna
You can be a merperson as you want to be. Want to vomit after eating a raw cut of meat? You may be able to do that all outside of Club Med soon.
Unicode 9 set has no dumpling emoji, but adds 74 other emoji
The latest set of 74 emoji set to be released this June will not include a dumpling emoji. Learn more about why that’s important…? Really? Emoji?