The life and times of being Frank. | #PNWeekly 269
They say that Frank. is a phone, but in reality, it’s a company with good and bad faces. We’ve got lessons to learn, so join us on our podcast!
All-taxes-included T-Mobile One plan available now, plus a heap of free MetroPCS phones
T-Mobile’s big Un-carrier Next push for the disappearance of misleading taxes and fees is now completed, and MetroPCS has a bunch of free phones on offer.
T-Mobile Un-carrier Next and a word about the LG G6 | CES 2017 Daily (Day 2)
The LG G6 will be friendless and T-Mobile will be even more carrier-less(?) soon. Plus, Pocketnow talks with the makers of a subwoofer bracelet.
T-Mobile’s Un-carrier Next move? Wrapping taxes and fees into service costs
Carrier fees and government taxes will be bundled into the billed cost of a T-Mobile One service plan. Simple Choice plans die January 22.