T-Mobile goes Rock Star with free Pandora Plus and guaranteed concert tickets

The Pandora Plus subscription will last for a year while the Live Nation partnership, with big discounts on tickets, will go on for a few years.

T-Mobile Team of Experts bring humans back into customer care

CEO John Legere is known for moves that have pulled the wireless industry and he hopes that this one will bring humans back into customer care.

T-Mobile acquires ‘fellow disruptor’ to try to ‘Un-carrier’ the TV industry next year

T-Mobile has big plans outside of the wireless industry, even after its Sprint merger attempt failed, planning to release its very own TV service in 2018.

T-Mobile’s John Legere helming Un-carrier Next on September 6

Last time around, it was zeroing out fees and taxes from T-Mobile One bills. What will CEO John Legere throw at us this time?

Stop asking “what’s next” for T-Mobile, and just wait until January 5 at CES in Las Vegas

January 5. CES. Las Vegas. Find out “what’s next” for T-Mobile then and there, and stop bothering CEO John Legere with the same futile question.

T-Mobile lays data plans to rest, going ‘all in on unlimited’ in Un-carrier 12 move

Unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE smartphone data are now available on T-Mobile ONE “plans” for as little as $40 per line for a family of four.

Un-carrier 11 “Stock Up” campaign is all about playing to win at T-Mobile

We’re learning that more free T-Mobile stock will be available for those who are driven to want it come when the Un-carrier 11 campaign begins.