Expect more squircles on the Google Play Store

It’s an odd aesthetic choice that Google has chosen to adopt for its apps store for Android and Chrome OS, but it’ll stick to it from June 24.

Beta version of Apple Music expands to Android tablets

Those who have signed up for the beta program for the Apple Music Android app can now use it on their tablets all prim and properly.

Android announces support for foldable devices like Samsung’s

The Android team is working on how to make developing apps for two types of foldable phablets not a living nightmare. The future is coming.

Samsung demonstrates Infinity Flex Display with One UI

That foldable Galaxy smartphone will be coming fast and furious at us, but before that, let’s get to know the display that will be on it.

Google updates Wear OS with one-swipe access for all notifications, health, Feed

All notifications can soon be accessed with just one swipe, Google Assistant will suggest things throughout your day and a whole lot more.

Let’s hope the Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t burn up | #PNWeekly 309

Are we finally ready for a bigger battery on a Galaxy Note phone? Do you want a 9-year-old iPhone for kicks? And we have gripes to tell you about!

Eventually, Android will have toggle for Dark Theme UI

Android users have been thirsty for a dark theme for years. Pixel 2 owners only have this feature on an wallpaper-contingent basis.

HTC U12+ brings back BoomSound speakers, Edge Sense

It’s one part refinement and one part addition. All together, it’s one large phone that takes great photos, video and audio with a price tag as big as its promises.

Living with the Android P beta is actually quite enjoyable

Signing up for it on my phone was easy, the gestures were, for the most part, intuitive and I was saving power from all the new algorithmic features on Android P. And this is a beta version.

A couple more LG G7 ThinQ leaks show black color, notch settings

The LG G7 ThinQ is back in black. The status bar that can hide the notch is back, too, but apparently in several different colors.
Moto G6

Motorola Beta Experiences program hopes to improve Moto apps

Moto has taken a very mild approach to its Android skin, but has supplemented its native features with gestures and more info access.

Mobvoi introduces $129 TicPods Free at $79 on Indiegogo

That was at the Super Early Bird stage, though you can still get great discounts even at the higher tiers. All for wireless earbuds that have more colors than AirPods.

Global private DNS in Android P and a new navigation mode

It’s not just about security while internet browsing, but also an iPhone X user interface motif that might get imported to Android P, according to some conspiratorial monitors.

Constant notification badge is getting some users to sign up for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is signing up millions of users per month and some of them are coming to the mobile payments platform with a white flag hung high.

Does the LG G7 have a Bixby Button?

New speculative renders show the upcoming device to feature four buttons on it siderails. Now, if two of those buttons control volume, what do the other two do?

Apple fixes one of the iOS 11 notification bugs… only in an ad

It’s an annoying vanity bug that made its way into a triple-A, big-money ad for the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. And it gets edited like this.

HTC Imagine (U12+) has four cameras, less bezels

What to imagine about HTC’s Imagine? A lot of the specs have already been laid out, but what’s the real name of this phone? And when will it come out?

Universal Windows Platform features, but no Spotify UWP yet

Spotify’s Xbox application is UWP-compliant, but not its recently-released desktop app for Windows 10 which some say is just a reheating of its existing x86 app.

Tweetstorms sanctioned with Add another Tweet button

You can add another tweet to the one that you started and keep it going until you finally complete your thoughts. Then, send it all to Twitter.

Snapchat to revamp app to divide “social” from “media”

Content from publishers will have a clearer delineation away from the special moments that friends share with users, CEO Evan Spiegel says.

Amazon Echo Show regains YouTube access

The Echo Show is finally playing the viral videos that people want it to again from YouTube after a questionable two-month sabbatical.

Android 8.1 Oreo will iconize Bluetooth accessory battery percentages

The developer preview is out right now and — as Bluetooth audio accessories will be forced into the market — we will need this stat.

Snapchat Context Cards will let users Uber or Lyft to places their friends are at

If the place on the Snap is on the Snap Map, just swipe up and look into when it’s open, how good people think it is and how much it’ll cost to ride over.

Pixel Launcher swipe paradigm for app drawer rumored to spread to HTC

HTC was involved in making the Google Pixel, which featured the first software skin that put the app drawer under a swipe. HTC may take that run, too.

Edge Sense updated with targeted app press emulation on the HTC U11

The HTC U11’s biggest call-out is its pressure-sensitive frame. And it can do more wonderful things with this update, rolling out now.