Samsung makes smartphones with 512GB internal storage technically possible
Samsung’s latest memory breakthrough paves the way for high-end smartphones capable of storing an incredible 512 gigs of data internally… someday.
Playing the hardware lottery with the Galaxy S8 (Video)
Samsung promoted the Galaxy S8 featuring UFS 2.1 memory. Testers called out the company, finding UFS 2.0 speeds. It then hid the spec line from the public.
Is the 128GB OnePlus 3T discontinued? [UPDATE: No, just sold out]
After some detective work on parts sourcing and, at one point, OnePlus flat out waving the doscontinuation flag, what is the fate of this premium model?
Huawei P10 memory issues explained but not resolved, screen coating tech revised
It’s not surprising to hear Huawei P10 memory speed inconsistencies are caused by supply shortages, but the problem’s “fix” is certainly disappointing.
Huawei P10 memory chip speeds worryingly inconsistent between eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1
Critics across social media are inferring from benchmarks and other evidence that Huawei is using different grades of RAM and flash storage chips.