Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition is now available worldwide for $370

The most powerful Ubuntu phone to date, the aptly titled Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, is finally up for grabs from at $370 unlocked.

Ubuntu tablets finally open for pre-orders, with shipments going out next month

Ready to try out the convergence mode on the new Ubuntu tablets? Pre-orders just opened for the pair.

S7 versus G5 at MWC 2016 | Pocketnow Weekly 189

Samsung and LG have debuted their leading and competing options for Android smartphones this year at MWC. Listen to us yap and see what you think about them.

Ubuntu Phone hands-on: giving Microsoft’s Continuum a run for its money (Video)

We check out how a Linux-based phone can pull its own Microsoft Continuum-style tricks in our MWC 2016 Ubuntu Phone video.

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition goes official as the most powerful phone of its kind

Canonical is proud to unveil the powerful Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, although the platform would have clearly benefited from an earlier launch.

Canonical shares details on Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet

The upcoming Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet will connect with external PC accessories to offer users a full desktop experience.

Ubuntu tablet coming to MWC, with its own take on Microsoft’s Continuum

We’ve finally got a Ubuntu tablet on the way, expected to make an appearance at MWC late next month.

Meizu MX4 gets a software overhaul, becomes the next Ubuntu smartphone

Learn how you can get your hands on the new Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, with global sales about to get underway.

World’s second Ubuntu smartphone due later this month

The second Ubuntu phone is nearly here, with sales of the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition slated to begin across Europe in just a couple weeks.

Ubuntu smartphone finally approaches retail debut

It’s been a long time coming, but Ubuntu smartphone sales are finally about to get underway next week.

Ubuntu-running Meizu smartphone gets an ETA

We’re just a few months away from international availability of the first Ubuntu Touch Meizu smartphones.

Ubuntu for Android runs out of steam in absence of OEM interest

It sounds like the ambitious Ubuntu for Android project has fizzled-out in the absence of cooperating manufacturers.

Pocketnow Throwback: HTC HD2 (Video)

It’s the most hacked smartphone of all time, and even after 5 years, it’s still impressing us. Join Pocketnow for this throwback review of 2009’s HTC HD2!

Canonical reveals companies behind first Ubuntu smartphones

Ready for the first wave of Ubuntu-running smartphones? Find out who will be making them as the first two Ubuntu smartphone OEMs are announced.

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Ubuntu Touch dropping support for majority of Nexus models

Find out which Nexus models are seeing their Ubuntu Touch support dry up.

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Will Meizu deliver the first Ubuntu phone? OS spotted on MX3

See why it sure seems that Meizu may be the company behind one of the first Ubuntu smartphones.

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Multiple Ubuntu smartphone models enter the running for 2014

See why it’s looking more likely now that we’ll be seeing multiple Ubuntu smartphones launch in 2014.

Ubuntu learns how to dual-boot with Android

Discover how the new Ubuntu dual-boot feature works, letting it live alongside Android on your smartphone.

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Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Touch smartphones still happening: Canonical secures mystery hardware partner

Hear about the progress being made towards the release of some native Ubuntu Touch smartphones.
Ubuntu Mobile

What happened to Ubuntu Touch for Phones?

Ubuntu Mobile was cancelled in 2009 & replaced with Ubuntu Touch. The Ubuntu Edge missed its funding goal in August 2013. Is there hope for an Ubuntu phone?

Ubuntu 13.10 arrives, delivering Ubuntu Touch images for phones

Learn about today’s release of Ubuntu for phones, and hear of some of the limitations still in place.